Nail-Biting Time!!!

I am anxiously awaiting news from a publisher as to whether or not they were impressed enough to acquire my manuscript.  It has not been so bad because of being so busy with work, but now that it could be any day now, no manicurist on earth could make my nails presentable in their natural state!!  I am trying to be positive and confident, but I keep second-guessing myself.  I guess that is a normal thing for even the most successful writer.  I love it, so I am hoping they will ,too! I’ll keep you posted.  Anybody got a fingernail file handy?


One thought on “Nail-Biting Time!!!

  1. I’m not sure the “wait game” gets any easier, no matter how many titles you’ve published. Afterall, you put your heart and soul into those manuscripts, and it’s like they are a piece of YOU! Naturally, we feel exposed and vulnerable when they are at the mercy of someone else’s opinion. But keep the faith! I’m sure they will snap it up and you’ll be celebrating very soon!!!

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