Keep the “Spark” Alive!!

I’ve been married to the same heartthrob of a man for 20 years now.  Our “spark-0-meter” is at an all time high after all this time, proving, in our case, the “hotness” factor gets better with age.  I remember when we were dating, my brother-in-law might pass through the room where we were cuddled up and remark about catching us “sparking on the sofa”.  In those days, we were always giving off sparks if we were within 10 feet of each other!  The look in our eyes said we were counting the minutes until we could find a moment alone where those sparks could ignite in full fury!  My husband thought (and still does, God bless him!) I was the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on.

After our son was born, I began to resemble any number of characters from the horror classic, Night of the Living Dead.  No sleep, no make-up, no hot curlers, and worst of all, no high heels (my trademark), made me look and feel less than goddess-like.  This went on for years, but as our son has gotten older, the old me has begun to resurface.  I am back in heels, make-up, and all things girly, and my husband has never been happier!

My writing has been a huge part of my change in attitude and confidence booster.  My personal “sexiness” rating went way up when I begin to write about sexy men and women and those naughty things they can do to and for each other at the drop of a hat (skirt?).  I feel sexy and carefree and even on the worst of days, slipping into a pair of high heels makes everything better!

I guess what I’m saying is to not forfeit your sense of sexiness for the sake of motherhood, crappy jobs, ungrateful people,  and life in general.  How you feel about yourself speaks to everyone you meet.  If you have gotten swamped with responsibilities and put yourself on the back burner for the sake of others, I encourage you to choose 1 small step toward reclaiming your inner “sex-goddess” (whether you are single or in a relationship).  My suggestion… a pair of high- heeled pumps in your favorite color!

“SPARK” TIP OF THE DAY:   Wear a pair of high-heeled pumps to up your  “WOW” factor!!  (Even if the flats are tucked away inside your purse!)


One thought on “Keep the “Spark” Alive!!

  1. Well said! It is amazing how different you feel if you dress up. And when you feel sexy, it changes your whole attitude. Too bad the mall is closed now…I feel the need to go shopping!!!

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