The Moment of Truth…

Today, I was standing in the carpool area trying to keep children out of rain puddles, as well as out of traffic when the school’s bookkeeper walked up and announced that my husband had called to tell me there was a VERY important email I needed to see immediately.  She offered to stand with the children while I went on inside to investigate.  Being the responsible person that I am, I declined her offer, and remained at my post, trying to act nonchalant as we loaded the children as quickly as we could.  My heart was racing, and I began to bite my nails, then move on to knuckle-biting.  I felt like a Miss America contestant waiting for that moment of truth when the envelope would  be opened, and her life possibly turn in a whole new direction.

Finally, I could stand it no longer, and asked my friend to cover for me, because I had to see if this was THE email I had been checking for about a million times already today.  I kept myself from kicking off my high heels and literally sprinting to my classroom on the back hall!  I had a grin on my face that I think truly qualified as the “ear-to-ear” variety.

When I reached the room, my son was seated at my desk doing his homework.  I asked him to get up, so I could sit to check my email.  I didn’t trust my knees to not buckle whether it turned out to be an acceptance or a rejection letter for my manuscript.  By now, my hands were shaking as I clicked on the email with the subject line stating its content as IMPORTANT.  I held my breath as the message popped on the screen, and there it was…”Please go by the bank and pay the car note.  It is due today.”

I slowly exhaled (and wilted a little) and began to type a response that I would indeed take care of that bit of business before the bank closed.  I leaned back in my desk chair, staring at the screen, dumbfounded that for about 10 minutes, my world really did stand still.   Before long, the gears began to turn again, and everything started to hum the very same hum that moves me through each day without my giving a single thought as to what I am supposed  to do to keep moving forward.

Later  I realized that for a few minutes, I experienced the sheer joy of anticipation.  It was thrilling and scary all at the same time – kind of like what it feels like to be at the highest point on the rollercoaster, waiting to plummet downward at  breakneck speed.  I loved that feeling.  I don’t take enough chances to put myself in that position very often, but today it was good.

Now, I wonder what my reaction will be when the REAL email arrives.  Will I respond the same as with my “dress rehearsal”?

I certainly hope so!!!

Spark Tip of the Day: Take a few steps off the beaten path to see what happens.  It may be as simple as trying a new shade of lipstick, or as daring as meeting your lover for lunch sans undies (wearing your high heels of course!)!!  There is security in a routine, but where’s the fun in that?  Do something you would never see yourself doing except in your dreams (fantasies?).  That should add a “spark” to your day (and someone else’s too! ). Maybe the next time you’ll find yourself ready to set the “Spark-O-Meter” dial on “EXPLOSIVE”… Go ahead….I DARE YOU…..


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