The Afterglow…


These words describe the way I felt when I finally fell into bed late last night after basking in the news that my manuscript, One Sizzling Summer, had been requested for publication by BookStrand.  It had been four weeks since I had pressed “SEND” and sent it(and my hopes) to their Submissions division.  I knew it would take about four weeks for them to reply, so starting Sunday night, I was checking my email like a maniac.  I was staying up late working on my newly created web page in hopes that as a newly published author, I might actually need one!  I crawled out of bed each morning with only minutes to jump into my clothes, “bark” my son awake enough to dress, and run out the back door in a whirlwind ride to school.  I went through the day holding my breath, hoping with each mail check  I would see an offer for my book.  I realized I wasn’t only tired from lack of sleep, but I was physically worn out from holding my breath and tensing every muscle in my body as I waited on edge.

Finally, last night brought the long awaited answer -YES!  YES!  YES!  I screamed and laughed, called every person that knew about my crazy dream of becoming a published writer, wrote back an acceptance of the offer, and after joining hands with my sister and dancing in a circle of bliss, I  began to calm down, but not stop smiling.  I got everything and everyone settled down for the night , and went to report the news in my new blog.  As I began to slowly climb the stairs long after midnight, I realized that I had made it to the first stop of many “wait and see” stations along a writer’s journey to publication and ultimately success.  I stretched out in my welcoming bed and pulled the soft comforter up over my shoulders, then turned and snuggled down for what I thought would be some of the best sleep of my life.  I began to relax each set of muscles and slowly release that breath that I had been holding for days.  I fully understood the movie title, “Waiting to Exhale”.  It was a glorious feeling to let go and release the tension that had been building up inside of me for a few days.  I sighed and began to drift off into a deep, dreamless sleep, content in the knowledge that I had ridden out the waiting game drama, and come out on top!

Spark of the Day:     Write a sexy note on pretty paper to the love of your life – just a couple of handwritten sentences to make him/her know what you’d like to do, when, and where!  Spray it with a light mist of his/her favorite fragrance that  you wear.  Place it in a coat pocket, inside the book he’s reading, in a brief case or book bag, – anywhere that you know he will find it.  Wait and see if the temperature doesn’t go up a notch when he next sees you.  I bet that will be one note he won’t throw away! 


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