Black Friday

Yesterday was Black Friday.  The day when thousands of people rush to stand in long lines outside their favorite stores during predawn hours, waiting to get a minimal chance at buying something wonderful for practically nothing.  Well, not me.  Last year, my sister and I ventured out before the sun was up to travel to a neighboring town in hopes that the store we wanted to visit would not be as crowded.  Well, as it turned out, everyone else got the same “tip” and the store was bustling when we entered.  We were in the store 15 minutes after the sale began, and the item I specifically went in search of was already sold out.  Seems they only had 8 of them to start with!!  My sister and I looked around for some other “steal- of- a- deal”, and found a computer we thought was worth it, so we ventured to find the least long checkout line to stand in.  Well, the line was so long, it gave us plenty of time to talk ourselves out of the purchase, so we ditched the items in the nearest out-of-the-way spot and departed the place totally empty-handed.  We headed to Chik-Fil-A for breakfast, which was easily the best part of the trip for me!!

I must confess, there was a real thrill in anticipating what we would find when we got there.  My sister and I discussed all the possible strategies of getting to the electronics department as fast as possible.  Needless to say, MANY others obviously had similar conversations, and “outstrategized” us!  It was still an exciting morning as we set out to experience and participate in what is a tradition for many. All in all,  I wouldn’t trade the memory of that morning spent with my sister doing something we thought would be an adventure to tell our grandchildren about!  It WAS an adventure, and something we’ll never do again in hindsight!

Well, almost never do….. this year I participated in a Black Friday sale from the comfort of my favorite chair, with my laptop positioned comfortably on my knees, dressed in my favorite warm gown, with my glass of diet ginger ale within reach.  It was 2:00 in the morning (so that makes it a Black Saturday sale?) and I shopped at one of my favorite online stores.  I clicked on everything I wanted that was on sale, including a sassy new dress and some “come hither” (or run for your life!) lingerie, then, at the “Checkout”, I typed in the promotional code and got an extra  30% off that price! (Please excuse this large print, as I have bumped something on this keyboard and don’t know how to undo it!  Funny southern gal, where are you when I need you?).

I WILL do this “ARMCHAIR” Black Friday sale again (Now it is teeny, tiny font!!!).  Why don’t you join me?  I’ll bring the ginger ale!!



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