New Year’s Resolutions for 2012

    It’s that time of year again.  Time to think over the successes of the past year, and the things we want to accomplish during the upcoming one.  Often times, we sit and dwell more on those things we didn’t do that we promised we would, and with that comes the dark cloud of worthlessness and an umbrella full of holes.

I propose this year, we take out our journals ( keeping one on paper or on the computer isn’t a bad idea) and write down everything that we did accomplish in 2011.  On the next page, write down your personal expectations for 2012.  Begin that list with those things that are “In Progress” from 2011.  See…that gives you an automatic head start!  I would write down just a few things…some challenging, some less challenging.  That way when you go through this process next December, there will be some built-in successes!!

The way I see it, you are a success if you still even care about the resolution at all by next December.  That shows you have not lost your desire to better yourself.  That says a lot, because believe you me, many people that we know personally HAVE given up.  They are in a state of mere “existence”, whereas I would like to think those of us that still care are among those LIVING life.  When we stop caring, it is over, or at least it is a longer climb to get back to the starting line of living.  As long as I still think about working on a sleeker physique this year, there is at least a chance of it becoming a reality!  If you are still thinking of a strategy for obtaining a better job or higher degree, ANYTHING is possible.

My suggestion is that we all see ourselves as that glass half full instead of half empty.  Let’s make lemonade out of lemons.  Let’s see ourselves as 1/4 , 1/2, or 3/4 of the way toward making that expectation a reality this year.  Congratulate yourselves along the way (and others if they have shared their goals with you) and don’t believe you only deserve the pat on the back once it is a completed task.  Let positive energy light your path, and push all the naysayers aside.  They will suck your “hope reserve” dry.  Surround yourself with 1 or 2 cheerleaders.  Look yourself in the mirror each day and assure yourself that you are OH SO FREAKING WORTH IT!!  Develop the very useful skill of being able to give yourself a good ass-kicking when you start to feel defeated or sorry for yourself. Anything worth having usually entails a bit of an uphill climb, but the victory is guaranteed to be sweet once you reach the summit!!  Include me on your list of cheerleaders.  I’ll be rooting daily for each of my blog readers, hoping against hope that you will accomplish everything you put your mind to this year.  Remember, what you don’t accomplish by the end of the year can always go at the top of the 2013 list under “PENDING”, so therefore it won’t be a failure at all.  It will just be taking longer to accomplish than projected!!  HERE”S TO A POSITIVE YEAR OF ALL KINDS OF ACCOMPLISHMENTS!  CHEERS!!!  PUNCH!!!!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions for 2012

  1. I have never made a New Year’s resolution, but I might make an exception this year. The notion of recording what’s been done and what is in the works to be done has always eluded me when it came to my personal development. But I’ve been toying with the idea, and it’s encouraging to read this post.

    • I’m so glad you dropped by my “house”, as I spent the morning at yours!!! I am going to attempt to do this journaling myself. Never been the New Year’s resolution type (love to talk about it, no follow through!). I feel it in my bones that this year is going to be over the top, and not just because of my happiness for RA and his “Hobbit Journey”. Lots of things are taking off if I choose to steer this ship in the right direction. It is amazing how much more “jazzed” I am now that I’ve thrown my hat into the blogging arena. You “established bloggers” are inspirational. You are more influential than you probably realize. Here’s to a mind-blowing New Year!!

  2. I’ll raise a glass to this idea! I love the thought of moving something from a “to do” list to the “in process” list. I’ve always loved getting a headstart in a race, so I’ll accept your challenge. I will let you know this time next year how I did!

  3. And I’ll let you know how I did as well! We can’t fail. We are tough enough to get through all the obstacles we face in our daily lives. The stuff on my list should be a “freaking” walk in the park! RA makes a damn good example of setting your eye on the prize and keeping it there! It didn’t happen overnight for him, but he didn’t toss in the towel and go back to doing handyman jobs(there is another short story going on in my head right now!). Let’s all (meaning everyone that reads these blogs and visits these websites) make a pact that we will give a “shout out” to ask for a good dose of encouragement (or verbal butt-kicking if necessary) if we feel we are slipping or about to cry “Uncle” on our own journeys to success. NO ONE has to go it alone with this group! I’m raising my glass back at you Joanie Girl!

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