New Year! Same Routine?

  You are probably asking yourself, “Why the 2012 Camaro pic?”.  So am I.  I think it is because when I went to Google images to get a “2012” graphic for this post, the only ones shown were those depicting world destruction.  That is NOT the message I want to send to my readers, so I chose another picture that was thrown “amongst” (the southern word of the day) the doomsday pictures that reflected a completely different concept.  This car brings to mind words like bright, shiny, new, sleek, thrilling, exhilarating, breath-taking, cutting-edge, top of the line, … the list could go on and on if we gathered a group of true word wizards and asked them to add to it!  How can I wrap a “thought to ponder” around this?

Well, I wrote the title before I chose the graphic for the page, so I have pondered the thought, and here is what I have gotten from it. ( Here is where you can close down your computer and go do something more useful.)… Okay, for those of you that have just a few more swallows of coffee to go before you get up, and decided to see it through, here it is:

It IS a new year, but do you really want it to be  a repeat of what you’ve been doing for the past year(s)?  I went back to work this week after two weeks off for the holidays.  I stopped by the store on the way to school one morning to get something for my students.  When checking out, I told the grocery store clerk while the holiday was wonderful, I was glad to get back into “the routine”.  I used the same phrase with several others that asked how the holiday went.  Now, as I sit here and think about it, I DO NOT want the same routine I have had for the past year, and yes, in some cases, YEARS.

I shunned the graphic that referred to world destruction in 2012, and chose something completely opposite.  I know that some of the habits I’ve formed over the years tend to be destructive to a healthy lifestyle.  THAT is something I want to change and do differently.  I want that healthy, new, sleek body like the Camaro.  I want to use more cutting edge technology in my classroom.  I have the equipment to do it at my fingertips.  I will just have to practice, do some research, and ask for help if necessary (Yes, Funny Southern Gal – that means you if you are reading this!)  Doing this one thing will make learning and teaching  thrilling like the Camaro for me and my students.  I don’t want to be afraid to take chances and try new activities anymore.  I want to step out and be able to  say “I did it!”, regardless of the outcome.  That experience would be exhilarating like the Camaro  for a lifelong “scared of her shadow chicken”!  I want to get out of my little corner of the world, and take to the highways and skyways and see some views that are breath-taking like the Camaro.

We are only eight days into the new year, and for me, it is still bright and shiny like the Camaro.  I have these lofty ideas as I sit and type away at this computer, but do I have what it takes to really avoid the pitfalls of keeping the same routine at home, at work, and personally?  Yes, because I have the heart, soul, and inner strength like a Camaro to put the pedal to the metal and zoom past the same routines of the past.  Routine is a good thing in and of itself, but if you don’t change it up by adding a few bells and whistles all along the way, then it becomes a clunker that is only good for getting you from Point A to Point B.   As for me, I am going ahead full throttle and fly through this year in style, like the Camaro.

Think about some of your routines.  How can  you tweak them to make them better than ever before?  Start with just one routine, then try another, then another.  Pretty soon you may find yourself flying down life’s highway, actually enjoying the ride, feeling awesome, like the Camaro.

Be sure to check back on Thursday, January 12th when I will have as my guest, new author, Joan Chandler.  She will be sharing a bit about herself and her new romance, Perfectly Imperfect.  You won’t want to miss it! 


2 thoughts on “New Year! Same Routine?

  1. WTF????? I was about to close out my computer (or more truthfully, close out my own programs and let my daughter play games on it before going to bed), and I wanted to check your site before relinquishing hold of the laptop. I was delighted to see the shiny new Camaro! Speaking as one who has a very shiny (and freshly waxed, thanks to my son) Camaro parked in her driveway at this moment, I was interested in what in the world a romance writer could be saying about a Camaro??? Then, as I scrolled through it, all of a sudden there was my COVER!!! My heart literally leaped against my chest! I’m still not used to seeing it, and as you know – it is the wallpaper on my iPhone. So I look at it at random moments all during the day. Thanks for getting the word out there that I’ll be your guest this weekend. I look forward to it, and know you’ll have me laughing as always. Also, think about the fact you opened the post with a picture of a Camaro convertible, and ended wiht a photo of my book cover. As you well know, drop dead gorgeous Daniel Wells (who looks strikingly similar to one RA)drives a black Camaro convertible. So how appropriate it that????? Talk to you soon, dear friend!

  2. If there is a convertible with a good looking man behind the wheel, (Daniel Wells sounds dreamy), I will definitely be reading that book COVER TO COVER. Can’t wait for our post this weekend! (I do have a sickness with exclamation marks!)

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