Spice It Up!

I have been missing in action because believe you me, I have been active for the past two weeks.  I completed the edits for my book, One Sizzling Summer, due to be released on Leap Year Day (Feb. 29th).  Now I have to wait 3-4 more weeks for the final edits to come back and see what is left to do.  My biggest fear is that my edits may create more edits than my original manuscript!  Maybe not.  I believe my story is even stronger now.  I have good editors, and their advice was good.  I agreed with all of it.  Now, if my cover art will just show up, I can get busy with my promotional products.  That is going to be a huge task, as my friend, fellow writer Joan Chandler knows well.  She just put together a fabulous promotion for her book, Perfectly Imperfect (release day countdown is 2 days away – get it from BookStrand.com!!!!).  I hope mine looks half as good as hers.

I am struggling so much, that I am at the point of changing my tagline to make it easier to choose from available promotional products. I guess I can say “Romance so hot, it makes you want to ****!”  and attach a Trojan condom to it!  That’s pretty much to the point, don’t you think?  (Sorry, if I just offended anyone, but I’m a loose cannon more times than not- much to my darling mother’s dismay.  She did raise us to be proper young ladies.).  That makes me think of another “catch phrase” (my son’s buzz word these days) I read somewhere before – “Proper lady in the living room, wildcat in the bedroom!”(I think they used another word instead of wildcat, but I’m trying to behave here.)  That’s a pretty good motto I think, really.  When behind closed doors with the love of your life…Ramp it up, and vamp it up, girls!  Do something new, wear something new, SAY something new!  I can pretty well guarantee it will “release the beast” in one or both of you!  Say so long to “Dullsville”, and take a walk on the wild side.  If you are a shy one or easily embarrassed, take baby steps.  Order a new nightie online if you are afraid the pastor’s wife might be in the lingerie department just as you are checking out that black lace teddie. FYI… You can find fabulous lingerie online, at good prices, and in ALL sizes.  Whether you are thin, curvy, or “plush”, young, middle-aged, or a golden girl, there are outfits that will make you feel beautiful AND sexy.  Think it over.  Do a little shopping.  Book a babysitter!  Romance is always in style, and not only for those newly in love.  Fall in love all over again.  You will look 10 years younger!  People will think you’ve had a facelift, when it’s really a look of “I’ve got a naughty little secret!”   Just think, one day/night you may suddenly realize it’s your man you’re thinking of, and not  Aidan Turner , Daniel Craig, Richard Armitage, or whomever is your current “Fantasy Man”!

I didn’t intend to travel down this path when I sat down to say a quick “hello”, but I do believe in what I’ve said.  We all deserve a hot, passioniate romance, no matter how old we are, what size we are, or how long we have been with our lover.  Don’t take the attitude of “If I have to tell him, it doesn’t count.”  That only leads to resentment and “To Do List” lovemaking (you know what I am talking about).   Open the lines of communication about what you both would love to have happen when being intimate with one another.  You make the first move. Light a lot of candles if you are nervous ( because candlelight hides a lot of flaws!!! ).  Yes, he may laugh out of sheer shock, or because he isn’t sure what to do if he isn’t in the driver’s seat, but don’t waver in your efforts.  Once you get your hands on Mr. Big Stuff, he won’t be laughing anymore!  The next thing you know, he’ll be coming up behind you, wrapping you in his arms, and whispering, “Think your mother will keep the kids again tonight?”  HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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8 thoughts on “Spice It Up!

  1. I will gladly buy a new Teddy in every color if it will leas to Richard armitage or Aidan turner looking at me like that. Hee hee. I know that’s not what you meant but a girl can dream can’t she. No. Mr Chandler has the right moves for me and he knows it. No complaints from either of us but I know how to play the spice it up game you refer to.

  2. Thanks for dropping by. I’m glad you have no complaints in the romance department. All’s well at my address,too! I really do hope what I said will encourage those that are not as pleased to step up and fight for the right to have some sizzle in the relationsship. It makes a world of difference. I say “Live it…don’t just read it!”

  3. You’re so right Kate. Love and romance are the best rejuvinators around! Nothing wrong with a bit of a fantasy man though – especially if it’s Richard Armitage

    Great news to hear your book is getting published next month. You must be so thrilled! I really must have a good read of the rest of your site.

  4. I am so glad you popped over to check out my page. I am truthfully honored, because I find your site absolutely awesome. I feel like I’ve received a celebrity comment! Thank you for your kind words. I am sending the final edits back tomorrow. Release date is Feb.29th. Not much longer to wait. I write erotic romance, so I really do believe in keeping it hot- no matter how long you’ve known your partner. I must agree – Richard is the Fantasy Man of ALL Fantasy Men in my opinion! He was who I thought about when writing my book. Couldn’t help it. I saw Vicar of Dibley 3 years ago, and have been a fan ever since! I don’t think I would have reacted to him as intensely as I have if he wasn’t seemingly such a really great person as well as actor. I hope you will drop by often. I really do appreciate the positive comments. Keep up the great work you are doing, and thank you for sharing your talent with others!!

  5. Congratulations on your publication! I’m very happy for you. 😀 Traditionally, Leap Year Day is the one day women were “allowed” to propose marriage to their beaus.

    One Valentine’s Day, I lit my whole apartment with candles when my boyfriend came over for dinner. It looked amazing and he was very impressed, even though I wasn’t quite done when he arrived so he had to wait outside for a few minutes, LOL!

  6. Candles are a plus ANY evening!! I was in the store, Tuesday Morning, this evening and found a box of 9 flameless tealights. I bought a couple of pretty votive candleholders and I am set! I’ve never used flameless candles before, but they were quite pretty when I tried them out. Now the only thing that might start a fire is ME, and that is a given girl!! Thank you for sharing a personal story with me. It’s time to start making Valentine’s Day plans again. My son was born on Valentine’s Day, so we get more into that event than Valentine’ Day. I tell my husband that we make everyday Valentine’s Day! As with Chris B., I feel like I have had a celebrity comment today!! Your post today about “Sexy Lucas” was a great way to kick-off the weekend! You are a techno-guru! You should offer an online workshop to share some of the basics with us non-technos!! I’d certainly be happy to sign up and pay the registration fee!! Thanks so much for sharing your gift!

  7. Seems Mr. Armitage is popping up in books everywhere. I even wrote him into my book as a cameo appearance. Couldn’t resist supplying my readers with a treat! Of course I only refer to him as Richard but anyone who knows about him will definitely know who I meant!

  8. Sweetheart, if you just have a small inkling about who Armitage is, this book will rise up and slap you in the face!! It is funny, but it wasn’t until it was completed that I realized how easy it was to picture him in this book. I guess it is because he is the ONLY actor I know anything about, so that was my “research” for the character and what an actor might do behind the camera. GO TEAM ARMITAGE!!! Yes, I know…I am a little old to be such a devoted fan of anyone, but hey, there’s no shame in my game!

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