Exciting Times…

  Today was the monthly meeting of our chapter RWA meeting.  It was a great meeting with a lot of activity going on for so many of my writing friends.  I am so thrilled for them.  A special friend and fellow writer, Jillian Chantal, will have her new book, Sebastian’s Salvation, released this coming week on the 7th from Siren Bookstrand.  She has written several mainstream romance stories, and this latest one can be purchased from www.bookstrand.com.  I pre-ordered my copy tonight.  I am going to have her as a guest here on my site, so she can share a little about herself and the book.  That will be coming in the very near future, so drop back in to catch that for sure!

  The other bit of excitement in the air are all the preparations for the Silken Sands Writers’ Conference, sponsored by our RWA chapter, GCCRWA.  It will be held in beautiful Pensacola Beach on March 16th – 18th The hotel is right on the beach and it will be gorgeous!  We have invited several editors and agents to come for pitching sessions and to lead some workshops.  If you have a great manuscript you would love to publish, make plans to be at this event.  You can register at http://www.gccrwa.com/silkensands/registration/.   Once on this page you can get a list of each agent/editor that will be attending, the list of workshops, hotel info,etc.  Hurry and register as the rooms are filling up fast!  This will make a great getaway for anybody that loves reading romance and writing it!  Who wouldn’t love to be in Florida in early March?  Hope to see you there!

The last thing that has made this a great day is the fact that I have finished my Final Edits for my book, One Sizzling Summer, due out later this month on Lucky Leap Year Day, February 29th from Siren Bookstrand.  My cover art has still not arrived and this is killing me!  I am very anxious to get this, so I can order my promotional materials, book marks, etc.  I have everything ready.  All I have to do is attach the cover art, and I am in business (I hope!).  I want to have everything available, so I can share the material for goodie bags at the Silken Sands Conference in March.  It will all come together.

Well, I guess I will close and go try to knock out a few thousand words on my Memphis Heat story!  I am afraid I may think twice and go get some shut eye and hit it tomorrow. Hope everyone has a relaxing Sunday, and a fabulous week!


8 thoughts on “Exciting Times…

    • I am going to be over the top about it no matter how it turns outI I am about to have a published book with a real professional cover on the market for the world to enjoy! Is this where I say, “Somebody pinch me!” ? You have NUMEROUS published books, but I bet it never gets old, does it?

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