It’s Done!

Well, it’s done!  I just pushed the “SEND” button for the Final Edits of One Sizzling Summer to be returned to the publisher for printing.  They will give it another “once over” and get it ready for the release date of February 29th.  I STILL am waiting for my cover art to show up, but that gives me something to look forward to!  Hopefully, this week you will drop by and see it plastered all over this blog with the simple title, “It’s Here!”.  It is getting late, and I have to get up early on Mondays, as that is the day I am on duty before and after school.    I am going to use the “Announcements” approach like I do on my weekly classroom newsletter to try and save a little time, since I do tend to get very “WORDY”.  Here goes:


    •  Be sure you drop by on Valentine’s Day (the 14th) to catch my interview with writer, Jillian Chantal.  She is a friend that has a new book, Sebastian’s Salvation, due out on Valentine’s Day.  What better release date for  a love story than Valentine’s Day!  That has to be lucky!  She has written several romance novels and short stories, so drop by and find out all the details!
  •  If you are a budding writer, or been writing for years, make plans to attend the Silken Sands Writers’ Conference March 16th – 18th at Pensacola Beach, Florida.  Agents and editors from some of the leading publishing companies of today will be there, along with published authors from many different writing genres.  Workshops, a costume party, beach time, good food, and FUN, FUN, FUN will be available to all who attend.  You will have the opportunity to pitch your book to one of the agents/editors in attendance.  This is a HUGE opportunity, and worth the trip if you have a manuscript you are passionate about.  Check out this website for complete details and registration information.  Hope to meet you all there!
  • Richard Armitage: Sexiest Man Alive (after my own husband of course!) – No  other purpose for this other than a little guilty pleasure (mine more than yours I’m sure!)
  •            what the heck, just one more…  this is for Joan-

4 thoughts on “It’s Done!

  1. So hard to choose. You know I love the blue suit (in fact, Daniel Wells wears an identical one in my book Perfectly Imperfect!!), and how can anyone resist the “X Factor” shirtless wonder. But DAYUM! That scruff as he was practicing archery for Robin Hood is downright mouthwatering. Congratulations on getting those final edits sent off. Book cover is next, and I bet you get it this week.

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