It’s Here!!!

FINALLY!!!!  It has arrived and I love it!  They have clothes on, so my mother and father can see it.  I specifically requested this in my cover questionairre.  I told them my parents sure as hell couldn’t read what was between the covers, so please design it so they can at least see the cover.  Today was one of the crappier days I’ve had in a while, so finding this in my “INBOX” was a true gift.  I am so good with this….I AM A PUBLISHED AUTHOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can now officially check it off my Bucket List (Yes, I really have one in a binder that I refer to now and then.  Next…it’s off to Merry Ole England!).  I think Joan Chandler and I will head to London to see The Hobbit this December.  Guess I’ll have to sell a lot of these to check that one off the list this year!


11 thoughts on “It’s Here!!!

  1. LOVE IT!!! I”m sitting in my sister’s kitchen and we are both looking at it. It’s beautiful. Another great job by Jinger Heaston at Siren! Now you just have to wait for release day. Won’t be long now!

  2. A bucket list is a great idea. Maybe I’ll start one too. 🙂 Congrats on a very big accomplishment! I’m not interested in being a writer so that means less competition for you, LOL!

    • You TOTALLY could be a writer! Do what I did…imagine the most handsome man you can imagine (ahem…I think we can all agree who that is!) and script an entire novel around the idea of – what if he were just a regular guy and not a famous actor, and then what if an average girl happened to meet him, and then what if he fell for her??? Writing is the ultimate fantasy because you can control it completely. I even let RA have a a “cameo” in my book as himself. It was so fun to sneak him into the middle of the novel, as a great surprise to any of his fans who might buy the book. And he’s such a gentleman in it – just as I’m sure he really is. But, I can’t create videos like you can, so if you want to stick to what you do so well, I support you 100%. There is a whole “army” of women who reap the benefit of your hard work!

  3. Girl, I believe you can do anything you want to do, but I am glad you won’t be competition.(HA)
    It took everything I had (And quite a number of minutes) for me to just slap that cover picture on the site! You ABSO-“FREAKING”-Lutely have no need to worry about me “dabbling” in graphics, vids, or anything else TECHNO! You are the MASTER my friend. As for the Bucket List…do it. I wrote a fancy scripted list at the beginning of last year about just 3-4 things I have always wanted to do and placed it in a notebook. One other thing was to attempt singing professionally! I’m always nervous, but after singing at funerals, weddings, church, and other places I pushed to do it. I auditioned for the show THE VOICE this summer in Atlanta. I had the time of my life and everyone in the room with me praised my efforts, but alas, you will not find me on this season’s schedule. The outcome isn’t the big deal to me. It’s making the effort. Fortunately for me, the writing worked out. I hold the title of Biggest BS-er at work, so I decided to try and make it pay for me! The sky is the limit, girlie. You amaze me daily. Glad you dropped by.

    • I am happy with it, too. I wouldn’t open the email for about an hour because I was scared to look at it! As for the London trip, you’d be a perfect “Travel Buddy” for this one. We’d talk romance and “Hot Brits” 24/7!! You’d be able to tell us where we need to hang out for the best chance of a “sighting”! Hope your week is going well.

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