Still Jazzed…

Today, I shared my cover with some co-worker friends I thought might really give a rip about it (because that is what supportive friends do no matter what they think!).  A few people found out about my “alter ego” that I hadn’t really planned on telling.  I’m sure with those particular people in the know, it may come up.  I’ve decided to just own up to it and not be shy about it.  I write erotic romance.  It is a way to “unlock your fantasies”.  Everything I wrote about or will write about doesn’t mean it is my own fantasy (though RA makes me keep an open mind I assure you).  I want to create stories that incorporate fantasies that will speak to many people.  I want them to be able to pick up my books and picture themselves with the person that rocks their world.  No, I do not write about the color of drapes, furniture , landscapes, or anything else that doesn’t directly relate to setting up the mood/tone/heat level between the hero and heroine. I wanted to give busy women that love a scorching love story, some hot love scenes from the front to the back of the book.  I LOVED the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer, but it took her FOUR big-ass books to get to the good stuff.  That was a guarantee to make sure I kept buying the next one!  I feel like I spend my day taking care of students, meeting the demands of my job (yes, teaching does work your brain to mush if you do it right), being a decent wife, mother, and daughter, playing Super Woman, so when I collapse after everyone goes to bed, I want to read a good love story with a happily ever after ending that leaves me thinking “That was hot!”.  If you are looking for something to read that stimulates your brain, I’ll tell you right now to pass on my work.  But, if you’re just in it for a good time and a “feel good” read – step right up and get your copy of One Sizzling Summer!  Oh, and you may want to invest in a personal mini-fan to keep close by as you read!  Love you guys!  I must go clean up the kitchen, and do a few more things before I can call it a night.  Take care!

***Don’t forget to drop by on Valentine’s Day for the chat with friend and fellow author, Jillian Chantal!  Her book, Sebastian‘s Salvation, was released at Siren Bookstrand Publishing TODAY!  I’ve got my copy.  Do you have yours?


5 thoughts on “Still Jazzed…

  1. I appreciate the positive comments. I’m equally happy knowing we are friends in the blogosphere. You are real. I enjoy reading your perspective on all things that make this wacky world go round! You don’t take everything too seriously. I’m here to relax and unwind. I see myself being perfectly happy to have you pull up a chair and share a cup of coffee or hot tea, and a whole lotta RA conversation. I may even feel led to have my friend, Joan Chandler, come over to join us! She’s always got something to say about Mr. A.!

    • My ears were burning…I should have known you and bccmee were chatting up about RA and my name got thrown into the mix! hee hee! Still can’t get over how beautiful your cover is. Jinger scores another home run! She’s so talented.

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