Are You Ready?

There is a LOT going on this week!  I want to know if you are ready for it all?  I guess more is on my calendar this week than yours, but here is what I’m talking about:

On Tuesday, the 14th, an avalanche of activity is taking place in my world!  (1)  It is my son’s 11th birthday, thus making him my forever valentine from  my husband (Yes, I know he was a gift from God, but work with me here…).  We found out he was coming into our lives on our 9th anniversary.  We were perfectly happy as we were, but this news made me EXTRA happy.  My husband was happy FOR me, but still not too sure about it all, but was thinking together, we could do anything – including parenthood (yes, I agree that sentence was bordering  “paragraphic”).  When he arrived, he was the best toy ever.  My husband and I would race down the hallway to see who got there first to pick him up when we heard him wake up.  My son was 6 months old when I had to have a show down with Dad to tell him I was the mother, and should get to hold him sometimes,too!  The two of them are inseparable, and my husband found out he loves being a father afterall!  We STILL think he’s the best thing ever!

   (2)  Also, on Tuesday the 14th, author Jillian Chantal will be a guest here on my site to tell us about her new book, Sebastian’s Salvation, which can be purchased at   She has written many other novels and short stories, and is sincerely one of the kindest people I know.  You’ll love meeting her, too!  Mark your calendar, and “get ready” to drop by with a hot cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa to enjoy as you spend a few minutes with us!

  (3)  Finally, Tuesday the 14th is Valentine’s Day!   Are you ready for it?  Have you bought your cards and candy?  Have you placed your order for  flowers, personalized cookie cakes, or ice cream cakes?  (BTW: Today, I discovered Baskin-Robbins has a sampler of different “cake bites” which is a package with 4 bars of mini-ice cream cakes.  They look like gourmet petit fours, and are heavenly.  I had bought them as part of my husband’s valentine gift, but broke them out at the extended family birthday party for my son.  I guess I’ll be back at the Baskin-Robbins freezer tomorrow to buy another box for my husband!)  Have you made reservations at the restaurant where you’d like to dine?  Have you purchased rose petals to sprinkle a path to a candlelit bedroom(you know you can get the flameless LED candles now, and not worry about them burning down too fast or worse, fire!)?  Have you bought the favorite wine or champagne?  Have you purchased a special outfit for the evening (lingerie maybe?)?  Have you booked a sitter?  Have you checked out the romantic movie you want to watch?  Have you planned the music you want to listen to or dance to in the kitchen (something my husband and I do most days)?

If you haven’t considered any of this, maybe this will help in your planning.  There is still time to pull off a wonderful evening, whether it is shared with a sweetheart, family, friends, or even solo.  If you are not able to do any of the above, you can still plan and prepare to send a card, email, or make a call to the people that make you smile – especially those that make you smile when you don’t feel like it.  It isn’t all about the presentation (though those can be fun, too!) , it is about saying “You are special, and an important person in my life.  You matter to me.”  Do not assume that people know you love them or care about them.  SAY THE WORDS, so there is no doubt about it.  If you say the words all the time, continue.  Give out a hug or two on TUesday.  SMILE A LOT, even to the strangers you pass.  Your smile might be the only valentine they receive.  Just acknowledging someone else’s existence can be a big deal to those struggling with feeling invisible and insignificant.

Have a wonderful week everyone!  You ALL matter to me (friends, family, RA friends,new friends).  I am honored each time someone drops by to see what is going on in my corner of the world.  You make me smile.:)


4 thoughts on “Are You Ready?

  1. As we’ll be in separate states on Tuesday, Mr Chandler and I may have to engage in a Valentine exchange via the telephone. Hmmm, sounds like something Ava Preston and Quinton Worthington may have done on occasion!!!

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