Gearing Up…to Settle Down!

Well, if I can make it through the day tomorrow, at least until 3:35, I will be off next week as our area celebrates Mardi Gras and President’s Day.  The school system finally figured out that half the students and faculty would take off Thursday and Friday as well, so this year we have the entire week off!  I am “gearing up, to settle down” in that I am making mental notes about all the things i want to do next week which center around taking time to relax and chill out without any demands from anyone (including myself).  I have kept awful hours the last few months with writing, blogging, reading, housekeeping at odd hours, meeting deadlines with the publisher, oh, and doing actual job-related tasks!  As I have mentioned before, I can’t do any personal tasks such as writing or blogging until my husband and son to to bed.  My husband is used to it by now, even though he still asks me to come upstairs to write just to be close to him.  He really is a romantic.  There are a lot of women who would toss the computer and be thrilled to run upstairs just to share the same space with someone who just wants to be able to look at them when he chooses.  I guess I’ll try to type faster!!

As I was saying, I am getting ready for some quality down time with my family.  I want to set up my home office with all of my writing “stuff”.  I am excited about getting my new netbook next week, as well as the promotional materials I ordered for getting the word out about my book, One Sizzling Summer.  The release date is still February 29th from Siren BookStrand Publishers.  Still can’t believe it.  If I can get that office set up and move in there to have my writing space away from others, maybe I can begin to write during the day, and stop being a vampirical writer.  I fell asleep at 8:30 last night, and slept till morning.  It is amazing what some extra ZZZZ’s can do for your “withitness” the next day!  Actually, I think I may have preferred doing the Zombie imitation today, and maybe I wouldn’t have noticed how jacked up on moonpies and Mardi Gras my students were!  Tomorrow will be worse because it is the day we get out, and they are going to be in true party mode.  I will be prepared with plenty of work and some special activities to dangle in front of them until the affternoon.

I don’t know if you are in a place that recognizes the Mardi Gras celebration or not, but either way, find some time to rejuvenate and become human again.  I have just about burned my candle OUT, so I have to take care of myself, so I can take care of those I am responsible for such as family, and my students.  Oh, and if you find yourself looking for something good to read, why don’t you check out Joan Chandler‘s book, Perfectly Imperfect, and Jillian Chantal’s book, Sebastian’s Salvation.  My book may be up next week to Pre-Order, so check it out.  All of these books can be purchased and downloaded at



7 thoughts on “Gearing Up…to Settle Down!

  1. I am so jealous. Your employer gives you the entire week off. Mine doesn’t even give us Mardi Gras Day off!!! And on top of it all, we have budget presentations next week. I may be begging you to let my daughter come over for play dates since I’ll be at work and she gets the week off. At any rate, use the time to rejuvenate. But remember to work some romance into the day as well. After all, you are a romance writer!!! Never know where inpsiration will strike next! 🙂

    • I hope to accomplish work on Career #2 this week. Of course we’ll help out with your girl. My son will be wanting company as well. Thank God she is in to everything he loves to do! We’ve got a few movies we want to see, so I’ll be in touch!

    • Thank you! It has rained all day and was quite conducive for a long nap!! I’m off to a good start! I am really enjoying your work this month. You make sure you take care of yourself. I’m thinking you may be part of the “Burn the Midnight Oil” club, too!:)

  2. Have a wonderful week off. I’m supposed to be off on Monday and gave my staff the day off but I may have to go in and meet with a new client- I hope not since I sure wanted that day to myself!

    • I certainly hope you can have the day. I’m thinking your candle may be about to meet in the middle, as well! Congrats on all the terrific reviews you’ve been receiving lately. I began reading Sebastian’s Salvation this afternoon. I expect to have it completed by tomorrow afternoon. It has captured by attention from page one. I’ll be purchasing more Jillian Chantal this week! Try to squeeze in some “Down Time” somewhere!

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