Now Officially a Published Author!

It appeared on the publisher’s website this evening.  Sandwiched between  two paranormal romance stories(and at the bottom of a list of some WILD stories!) was my book, One Sizzling Summer!  Ava and Quinton will finally be able to share their love story with the masses (Ha!).  If you want a quick, “feel good” fantasy to read on your Kindle, Nook, or PC  while stuck in traffic, a waiting room, carpool line, checkout line, etc. this is for you!  You can Pre-Order now at  It will be available to download as an ebook on Wednesday, February 29th. I hope you will enjoy meeting these characters as much as I enjoyed writing their story!:)

CAUTION:  If reading this while in a doctor’s waiting room, please be advised an unusually high blood pressure reading and/or increased pulse rate may result after reading the love scenes between these two!  🙂

FYI:  I’ll be doing an interview with Joan Chandler tomorrow at her site, Drop by and check it out!


11 thoughts on “Now Officially a Published Author!

  1. Thank you so much! If you do choose to read the story, I’ll go ahead and admit all I could think about was RA when I was writing it since it is about an actor meeting a professor! Guess I did my own “What if…?” story. It’s a fantasy, so the characters can be whoever the reader is crushing on at the time!

    • Yes, it will. It will be available for print upon request in June. This publishing company will have it solely for the 1st month, then it may be purchased as an ebook from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. In June, a request for a hardcopy may be made at I really want a paperback to hold in my hands to make this all seem real to me! Hope you enjoy the love story. Thank you for asking about it. Have a great day!

      • FYI: You can download my book in “pdf format” and save it to your computer and read it. That way you don’t have to have an ereader to read it. I am having breakfast right now with Joan Chandler, author of* Perfectly Imperfect*. She says to tell you “Hello”, and that she is currently editting her next novel which is set in Bremen, Germany! Enjoyed having breakfast with you! Drop by often! FYI (again!) Joan tells me you are a fellow Richard Armitage enthusiast! I’ll be checking out your site, too, as Richard Armitage crosses ALL language barriers! Hot & Gorgeous is a UNIVERSAL language![?]

  2. Thanks for the tip but sadly I can’t read a whole book in front of my comp and so I’ll have to wait for a hardcopy or have to abandon my prejudice and buy a e-book-reader 😉
    Many greetings to Joan! Tell her I think it’s funny that her next novel is set in Bremen – not my part of Germany but nevertheless Germany 😉
    And yes RA’s sex appeal is boundless *sigh*
    I wish my englisch was good enough to blog in english but sadly it isn’t 😦
    Enjoy your breakfast with Joan and have a nice day!

    • Hello Herba! I totally understand the desire to avoid electronic reading and stick with “traditional” paperback or hardcover books. After all, I work at a papermill that makes 100% recycled paperboard. So I thought I would be a hold out and never give in to e-readers. But I eventually caved. But the good news is that both Kate and I will be out in paperback in a few months. Perfectly Imperfect will be available in print in May, with One Sizzling Summer following shortly thereafter in June. Thank you so much for your interest, and it’s so awesome to have “cyberfriends” who are halfway around the globe. When I first began the story I am now editing, I worked for a German shipping line (their US corporate office was in San Francisco) and I liked what I’d learned about Bremen through that association so I chose that place for the setting. I may have to enlist you as a critique partner so ensure that the details I wrote are accurate! LOL! 🙂 Have a wonderful day! And your English is great!

      • Well, I started to read englisch books some month ago and some of them are only available as e-book. So the thought of buying a reader pops up more often, but at the moment I am still indecisive.

        Feel free to ask whatever you want about Germany. I will try and answer as good as I can 🙂

        Have a nice day!

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