Check out who I spent the day with in New Orleans…

As we buckled our seatbelts, about to head West to NOLA, my friend Joan Chandler announced we had a guest along for the ride.  When I saw who it was I was incredulous.  This is someone I have admired – okay, I’ll admit it – CRUSHED on for ages now.  I couldn’t believe he was now a passenger in my front seat!

Joan and I documented the trip to prove we are not lying.  Go to the link below to enjoy the pictures, and be sure to wait to the very end for a special bonus surprise!


15 thoughts on “Check out who I spent the day with in New Orleans…

    • When I stopped by to pick up Joan for the trip, she surprised me with the “Little Guy” as a gift in honor of my first book being published. I thought it might be a RA coffee mug at the most, but I nearly croaked and choked laughing when I saw what it actually was!! She had the winning bid on ebay, and it looks like I won too! He has the long leather coat, but we decided the day was too warm for him to wear it! We did a grown up version of Flat Stanley. My son told one child, “Get out of the way, kid. My mother needs to get a picture of her action figure “Little Richard”. That name brings about a completely different mental picture, so we had to get that straightened out right then! We thought it would be good for a laugh for the RA cmmunity. Must give all credit to Joan, as she made the video. I was just a good laughing partner.

    • Joan Chandler surprised me with this gift on the way to NOLA, so he HAD to be the star of the day. His presence made our day absolutely hilarious! Needless to say, we did not act our age all day. Our 10 and 8 year old children were much more mature!I guess it was (as Angie says) “the armitage effect” wreaking havoc on us!:)

    • Kids couldn’t believe how childish their mothers were being! We had fun. This is a character from BBC Robin Hood played by my own grown-up celebrity crush, Richard Armitage. Doesn’t take much to provide Grade A entertainment for me at my age!

    • Yes, we are crazy, and the secret is definitely out now!! We thought we were undercover in a city that was not our own, but would you believe Joan ran into the room mother of her child’s class?!! We didn’t let that stop us. Onward and upward!

    • Yes, of all the people to run into as I’m acting like an imbicile in public and it’s my daughter’s classmate and her mom and brother. But it’s okay. the mother teaches Zumba fitness and is very sweet and fun loving herself. I’m sure if she knew the story behind Little Guy, she’d have probably offered to hold him for us! We are definitely crazy chicks! Hey, life is tough, we have to find humor or make it ourselves. That day we had to make it. 🙂

  1. LOL! I love Little Guy’s adventure in New Orleans. He really is the biggest star you could have come across (at least as far as RA fans are concerned)! Your video is great, loved him with the fish.

    • And what an adventure it was!! Must give credit where credit is due…Joan Chandler did the photography and produced the video which in my opinion is OSCAR WORTHY!!! I just helped prop the “Little Guy” up here and there! I think he is going on all of our future trips, as he proved to be quite a fun-loving guy”. We certainly felt very protected with him along.:)

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