Alas…All Good Things Must End…

Well, my friends, it is Sunday evening, and at the stroke of midnight, my week-long vacation will officially be over.  But I must say this week has been sheer bliss.  I have made no demands on myself, neither has anyone else.  I have spent the better part of this week here in my raspberry red leather club chair, with my feet propped up on the matching ottoman, with my laptop firmly attached to my lap, with my faithful ChowPom, Sasha at my feet. (another sentence that is nearly “paragraphic”, riddled with commas!).  My SO has been right here with me (as he was off as well), and never once did he walk past me in my cozy nook and whisper the word “Slug” under his breath.  He kept cups of hot coffee, hot tea, and cold Diet Dr. Peppers coming my way as I read emails, blogs, made comments, viewed videos, wrote blogs, and took up residence in the blogosphere.   He sat across the room and told me how much he loved me and to do whatever made me happy this week.  So I did.

I made a trip to New Orleans with my dear friend Joan Chandler so we could  try to give our kids a getaway this week, and ended up making the trip all about us and “Little Guy” (my son still calls him “Little Richard“, so I guess I’m fighting a losing battle on that one). You can check out our blogs for a link to YouTube to see a video of our day in the Big Easy with Little Guy.   I worked into the wee hours of the morning on my new romance novel.  I would have gotten more accomplished if I hadn’t gotten sidetracked reading the posts and past posts of fellow bloggers, Angie, Pin Up Girl, bccmee, and RAFrenzy.  These women became real friends over the past week, and have my upmost admiration for seemingly being themselves and not some persona they want to project into cyberspace.  They may have fooled me, but I like the voice I hear when I read what they have to say.  They are funny, insightful, and don’t seem to take themselves too seriously.  I love that most about them.  I’m always in it for laughs, and this week has been full of them.  There is also the added bonus that they are also “major players” in the Richard Armitage Admiration Society.  I couldn’t be in better company.  Thanks, ladies!:)

Well, I must close and make sure everything is ready for the week, so that I can sit down with my husband and watch the Oscars.  I might even put on an evening gown, jewelry, and heels for the event.  Nah…probably not..who knows?  Funny thing is, my husband wouldn’t even bat an eye if I did.  He may finally be immune to my crazy antics after 25 years!

This has been a wonderful week.  Thank you to everyone that made that possible.  Now, I ask that you say a special prayer for my students as I am going in tomorrow ready to teach ARMT TEST prep with a freaking vengeance!!!!!!

Here is a prediction for next year’s OSCARS…


   RICHARD ARMITAGE  for “The Hobbit”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!l




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