7 thoughts on “Dreams Really DO Come True!!!

    • Thank you so much Pin Up Girl! I am happy that I followed through and it was actually published! I think it sizzles, but everyone’s “sizzle-o-meter” is relative! I wrote about meeting a celebrity, because that is a fantasy that I think women AND men have. Of course, Richard Armitage was who I couldn’t help thinking about, though this is a fictional character! I think I saw Lucus North in my head more than any other! If you do decide to check it out, I hope you’ll enjoy it!:D

  1. Super congrats, my friend. So excited for you. There is nothing like a release day. And the first one is always so special. Here’s to big sales numbers and many more books! Love ya bunches! Now, get to work on a guest post for my blog, woman!

    • Thank you so much my “Mentor Friend”! It is an over-the-top feeling! My goal is to make more time for the writing during daylight hours, so I will have more books. I have several stories in my head that are screaming to be told. This has been so much fun, I want it to continue. I just hope that my next book will be picked up by a publisher! Well, that’s a thought for another day! Have a great evening! I will work on a post for your blog, and have it to you by the weekend! Thanks for offering the opportunity. You are the best! 😀

  2. I think it is so cool your release date is a rare Leap Day. You’re one of a kind so how apprpriate that your book got a unique coming out day too!!!! Congrats!

    • THank you! I hope Leap Year Day is good luck and NOT no luck!! This would not have been the positive experience it has turned out to be if not for you my BFF and Critique Buddy! We’ve squeezed a million laughs out of this journey, and there is more to come!! Thank you for making yourself available to read chapters, make suggestions, and pitch ideas when I got stuck. You are TRUE BLUE. Love you!

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