Shoes…Glorious Shoes!

What woman doesn’t like shoes?  Well, I guess it depends on the type of shoes.  I know if you are in a profession that involves a lot of standing on your feet, or walking a lot, flats and tennis shoes are winners.  I have loved girly shoes as long as I can remember.  As a child, I was always trying on  my mother’s high heels, grandmother’s high heels, older sister’s high heels, and wherever I could find a pair of high-heeled shoes!  I remember when I was in the 4th or 5th grade, Mother had a bow-window in her bedroom with drapes that could be drawn across it.  My best friend, my younger sister, and I would play Miss America, or some beauty pageant, in Mother’s high heels, taking turns coming out from behind the curtain.  We were always, Miss Georgia, Miss Florida, and Miss South Carolina.  It didn’t matter who won, as long as we were getting to wear those heels!  When I was in middle school, my older sister was in high school and it was the 70’s.  She had the very BEST shoes.  While she was at work in the afternoons, I would go in her room and try on her platform shoes, grab a hairbrush, and sing every word to her Eagles albums ( vinyl records!!) while watching myself in the dresser mirror!  I thought I was one cute girl in those shoes.  Well, I finally got to high school myself and began to buy my own high heels!  I graduated in ’79, so high heels with ankle straps were the rage.  I wore heels to school, church, and everywhere in between.  I loved clothes and purses, too, so I was dressed up all the time it seemed.  When I began my teaching career, I wore dresses, suits, skirts and blouses, and you guessed  it, high heels to work everyday.  I was famous for my matching/coordinating shoes and purses.  My husband and I dated for five years before we married.  I always had on heels.   In fact, one night after church, we took a load of furniture to the house we had bought to live in after we married, and I moved furniture in my high heels.  We had been married about a month when my husband came home from work one night after I had already gotten dressed for bed.  We were standing side by side in the kitchen looking at something in a magazine when he looked over, AND DOWN, and said,”Gosh, you’re short!”  Somehow he hadn’t ever thought about it because I was forever in heels.

I stopped wearing heels after I had a near-death bout with pancreatitis.  Something about a 2-month stay in the hospital and being through so much seemed to age me mentally.  I wore heels to church, but my husband’s “glamour girl” wife had faded, and only made appearances every now and then.  Later, I gave birth to our son on Valentine’s Day the year I turned 40.  The metamorphosis from glamorous to haggard became complete.  I was a walking zombie for a few years, and the focus was all on our child.  I forgot who I was somewhere between a serious illness and becoming a mother.  It wasn’t a conscious thing.  I just seemed to fade away and become everything to everybody.

About 2-3 years ago, something clicked and I realized I had nothing that was just for me.  It made me angry and resentful and not to anyone in particular, just pissed off in general that I was approaching 50 and wanted more to show for it than my family and career.  I found that something in my writing.  I also rediscovered my old self.  My husband knew “the original” was in there somewhere, and coaxed her back out in the open by whispering sweet nothings in my ear, and surprising me all along with girly-girl gifts of jewelry, pearls, perfume, beautiful clothes, purses, and yes….new high heeled shoes(his favorite for me)!!!  I am now 50 years young.  I am happier than I’ve ever been.  I love writing sexy, romantic stories, and I’ll admit, I like to feel sexy myself!  Everyone does.  But I think “sexiness” is more a state of mind than a purely physical appearance.  I don’t know that anyone  would look at me and think I’m sexy, except my true love, but it doesn’t matter.  It’s about feeling good about yourself and having the confidence to go out and live life to the fullest!

I guess the moral of this post is:  TAKE TIME TO RECONNECT TO THE INNER YOU IF YOU HAVE GOTTEN SWEPT UP AND CARRIED AWAY WITH LIFE’S DAILY DEMANDS.  FIND THE TIME FOR DOING SOMETHING THAT IS JUST FOR YOU.  It may be a night out with the girls to play BUNKO or go to the casino, a hobby you put aside a while back, a dream you haven’t yet realized, a regularly scheduled manicure or pedicure, a spa day, a massage, a few hours to do nothing but what you want to do without someone calling your name.  YOU MAKE THE TIME or you’ll never find the time.  YOU ARE WORTH IT, AND YOU”LL BE WORTH MORE TO OTHERS IF YOU DO SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF.  For me it is writing, and wearing my sexy high heels again.  If you don’t think of yourself as “sexy girl material”, slip into a gorgeous pair of heels, whether dressing up or wearing jeans, and put on a more daring shade of lipstick than usual.  Just see if you don’t start moving with a little more sass in those hips and a smirk on those luscious lips!  Your SO  (significant other)  will do a double take and fall all over himself to check you out!  BE GOOD TO YOURSELF!  HAVE FUN!

Here are a few pictures of my high heel collection just for fun!



11 thoughts on “Shoes…Glorious Shoes!

  1. Awesome post, Kate. I, too, graduated in 1979 and I like to tell people I may be 5’4.5″ tall now, but back in high school, I was 5’8″ because I wore those stacked wood sole shoes all the time. Lol. I still wear heels to work, jut not that high since I broke my leg and have a weak left ankle now.

    I agree that we as women tend to take care of others’ needs ahead of our own and we need to put ourselves first at least once in a while.

    • THanks for dropping by! You know all about the “Glamour Girl” life, being that you are one yourself! You can rock a strand of pearls like it is nobody’s business! Have a wonderful week! Love you!

  2. Kate, you are so right, and so amazing!
    A girl can NEVER have too many pairs of beautiful shoes!

    • So glad you liked the post! High heels are my weakness. I like feeling taller, and my “I feel sexy” meter starts beeping like crazy! I love the “girlie-ness” of fabulous shoes. Please drop in again sometime. Never know what you’ll find here! Have a great weekend!

      • Without even knowing anything about you…I would say that it is evident that you ARE sexy! So you should feel that way!

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