Fairy Tale Fantasy…

Yesterday, Joan Chandler and I made a trip to meet with other writers to prepare goody bags for those that attend our GCCRWA Silken Sands Writers Conference that will be held at Pensacola Beach next weekend.  We took a long “detour” to our destination, but did arrive for the last few minutes of the gathering.  While there, I realized that the room was filled with men and women that write fantasies for people to read to escape from their everyday lives for just a little while.  The genres are everything from paranormal, romantic suspense, young adult, erotic romance, to classic fairy tale romances.  A lot of active imaginations were there, and will converge on the shores of Pensacola Beach next week.  I am looking forward to meeting new people and learning new ways to polish my craft.  I love fairy tales, and that is what I have written in One Sizzling Summer. 

Joan Chandler came back from our meeting and created another book trailer to let people know about the fairy tale romance that can be found in my book, as well as her book, Perfectly Imperfect.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did when I watched it this morning!  Find yourself a good fairy tale to read and embrace the “Happily Ever After“.  Have a great week!  If you have a day that is less than happy, just drop by and watch this video again…it will boost your spirit! 🙂




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