A Magical Week!

     This has been a dream week!  So many things have happened that make me feel happy, humbled, thankful, and special.  My week started with the good news that my class as a whole scored well on both the Reading and Math End of the Quarter tests.  That is a big deal whether it sounds like it or not.  Wednesday evening, I went to what I thought was a simple dinner with my best friend.  It turned out to be a surprise party for me in honor of the release of my debut novel.  We were right at the table where about 15 of my closest co-workers and friends were gathered to show their support of my efforts.  I asked her if she had just asked everybody to join us, and about that time, I spotted my sister seated in front of a big poster of my book cover!  That’s when i knew they were there for me!  I was speechless! I thanked them profusely for their support and being there to congratulate me for having a dream come true.  I sat down and began to cry because I WAS SO TOUCHED THAT THEY REALLY CARED BECAUSE IT WAS IMPORTANT TO ME, WHETHER IT WAS SILLY TO THEM OR NOT.  That was worth more to me than any gift or words could express.  The fact that they had come out to celebrate with me on a work night when I knew they were exhausted, and on a church night for some showed me how much I meant to them.  It was a perfect example of actions speaking louder than words.  I am so humbled and thankful to be blessed with such true friends.   I was so jazzed that night, I stayed wide awake until 2:00 in the morning!

  The next big deal this week was the Silken Sands Writers’ Conference in Pensacola Beach, Florida.  Joan Chandler and I packed our car and headed for the beach (yes, “Little Guy” tagged along, but he stayed out by the pool watching all the sun seekers pass by while we attended workshops!)   We worked the registration table and met so many interesting people.  The best thing was really getting to know the other members of our own RWA chapter.  They are so real and friendly.  They have also been happy to share advice on getting our work out there and the next work published, too! We met several agents and found them to be delightful, approachable people.  Luciene DIver from the Knight Agency is here, and really a great person!  We may have to write a query letter to her about publishing our next project.  Of course we’ll have to mention the conference and the welcome basket we made for her!  Tomorrow is the last day of workshops,and we’ll head home.  I am missing my guys back home!  I’ll be on the road as soon as the last workshop ends!  We have had a great time and learned a lot.  Tomorrow, I am attending a workshop about blogging, so maybe I can step up my game here at the site!  It is my goal.

  It is my wish that each of you have a week come along that is magical.  One where all the stars align and good things happen each day that build you up and let you know you are on the right path designed just for you and your life.  One that lets you know people are standing in your corner, cheering you on to the next level of fulfilling lifelong dreams.  One that makes you know beyond the shadow of a doubt you are special in someone’s eyes.   One that encourages you to take that next step toward accomplishing your current goal, be it a baby step or a giant leap.  One that leaves you feeling hopeful that there are many more magical weeks ahead.

Wrap your head and heart around positive people with positive attitudes.  Find a positive quote or scripture verse that you can repeat in your head to chase away those thoughts that you aren’t good enough, smart enough, or worth enough to have good things come your way.    Avoid Negative Ned and Nellie at all cost, because they will bring you down.  After you brush your teeth each morning, look in the mirror and tell that person looking back that you are beautiful and deserve happiness and fulfillment.  Then go out and greet the day and the people you pass with a gorgeous smile that comes from your heart and reaches your eyes.    Have a wonderful week!


8 thoughts on “A Magical Week!

    • Yes, I am, but I can hardly keep my eyes open. No telling how many errors I just sent out to the public eye! I’m hoping the world isn’t sitting ready with their RED checking pens. Great day! Get some sleep. Morning will be here before you know it! Goodnight!

  1. Good morning. Wanted to come back when I was a bit more alert and say I Love, love, love that your sister surprised you so nicely. So wonderful. You guys have such a great relatinship and are so special. Love ya both! .

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