I’m Still Here…

  Sorry that I have dropped out of sight for a while.  My  real life persona had to take care of some real life issues, thus resulting in my “STOP, DROP, AND ROLL” off the blogging merry-go-round.  The juggling of a family, career, friends with issues, life-changing decision making, AND keeping up the Kate Patrick business of my life became a bit too much, so I bailed on my alter ego.

I guess the truth is that the name Kate Patrick is the only thing not real at this site.  I write under a pen name because my father, though supportive of my “spicy” novel, didn’t want the family name on it.  Well, it wouldn’t have been my family name, seeing as how I have been married for 21 years, but alas, I am a good southern daughter and we always mind our “Daddy”. (I wouldn’t use my real name anyway!  What was he thinking?)

What I write on this site are “real me” thoughts and responses to whatever is in the air at the time.  At first, I envisioned having a website that truly gave suggestions, scenarios, information, etc.on how to really “unlock your fantasies” and take a walk on the wild side with your significant other.  Nothing too outlandish – just something to jack up the sensuality factor at your house.  I’ve plenty of ideas, but too many family members and coworkers know of this website, and some would be highly offended at what I’d suggest I’m afraid.

So, I guess for those posts I will have to use the “Must be 18 or over to enter this blog” message and start a “Sexy Saturday” column!  That way everyone has fair warning and if they choose to ENTER…well,…I never want to know about it!

Well, it was nice to have this time to chat with you, even though it has taken all afternoon and part of this evening to complete due to interruptions.  I am going to close and return to the writing of my second novel, “Memphis Heat”.  Wish me luck!

Just for Laughs…

Change the word “cigarettes” to “chocolate”, and this works for me and the past few weeks! 


2 thoughts on “I’m Still Here…

  1. Glad to see you’re back and full of new ideas. Congrats on getting back to the second manuscript too. I know it’s gonna be a GREAT hit! You’re just hitting your stride.

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