Lisa Kleypas…You’ll be hooked!

Author, Lisa Kleypas

We have a “Book Exchange” at the school where I teach.  It consists of a set of cabinets in the Teacher’s Work Room, where we bring books we have read and no longer want, and take a one from the shelves of “castaways”.  It is quite the collection, with books ranging from self-help, biographies, inspirational, contemporary, paranormal, and historical romance.  I am a sucker for romance.  I’ve gotten hooked on historical romance for the moment, though I write contemporary romance stories.  Lisa Kleypas was recommended by a coworker who is a reading maniac if there ever was one.  This woman can read three to four books a week, and we aren’t talking thin books!   She told me her Nook hasn’t been turned off since Mother’s Day last year, so she means business!

I found a Lisa Kleypas book, “The Devil in Winter” in the cabinet at school, and decided to see if she could hook me as she had my friend.  Long story short, she did.  It turned out I was reading Book 4 in a series called “The Wallflower Series”.  When I finished it, I had to go in search of the other three books.  Fortunately, reading out of order didn’t ruin any of the books for me. I did back up and read the others in order, just because I am wired that way!  Here are the books (listed in order) from The Wallflower Series by Lisa Kleypas:

  1.  Secrets of a Summer Night
  2. It Happened in Autumn
  3. Devil in Winter

The stories are told in vivid detail, but not the kind that make you want to grab a chunk of pages and rip them out, knowing you won’t miss any significant point of the story!  When you read the stories, characters from the other books are interwoven throughout the tale either in reference to what has happened in the past, or setting the stage for the next book.  Now, to the part that makes a review of a book important to me:  How hot is it?

Kleypas does a wonderful job of writing passionate tension from the first meeting of the characters until the happily ever after.  She gives you enough that you want to keep reading to see if they get a little more without cheating to find those parts.  I’m never willing to forfeit her storytelling for “The BIG Moment”.  When “The BIG Moment” comes (no pun intended), it delivers.  So, if you are in between books and want to read something from a new author, I recommend Lisa Kleypas.  She’s got a boatload of books on the shelf, not all of them Historical, so you should find a perfect match for your particular taste.  Give her a go.  I’m pretty sure you’ll be back for seconds! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Lisa Kleypas…You’ll be hooked!

  1. I’ve read those books! Oh, yes, Lisa is awesome! My favorite is Someone to Watch Over Me. It’s a good ole, ho has amnesia so I’ll take reveng on her, type story. It’s kina like a raunchy Overboard, but no kids.

    • I will be buying that one for my Nook this week, after finishing the book I’m with now. Yours is the next one I plan to read. I have purchased it, but now need to load it onto my Nook. That is where my techno-challenged problem comes in… it takes me forever to figure it out. I usually have to call my sister to come to my rescue and load it for me. I am making a vow not to go to bed until “To Love a Beast” is ready to read!! Also, I am going to make the “Relax Bottle” tomorrow with my students, and send the directions home, so they can make their own! I’m excited about it! Have a great week. Happy writing!:)

      • Oh, yea! I’m glad that I’m having an impact on people! I really hope you like my book. Still having book sales anxiety, but I’m sure everybody does. The good thing about Smashwords is if you really screw something up, you can make a change and submit a new copy…No worries, its totally complete and all. It’s just good to have a safety net. Thanks again for your support!

  2. I love Lisa’s books. I’ve read several yet have barely scratched the surface. She is one prolific author!

    I haven’t read any of the ones you mention above, though, so I’ll have to look for them. Thanks for the tip!

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