Madeline Hunter…Books Worth Reading

It’s Sunday, and time for my “Author Spotlight” blog.  Today I am featuring  historical romance writer, Madeline Hunter.

I want to specifically recommend the “Rarest Blooms” quartet.  I have read all four books and thoroughly enjoyed them.  These are the four books of the series :

I happened upon Ravishing in Red by accident at the library.  I needed something to read and the title and cover art caught my eye first.  The blurb on the back sounded intriguing, so I checked it out.  I couldn’t put it down.  Later I found Provocative in Pearls in paperback.  Again, the cover art was gorgeous!  I had met the heroine in the first book, and had to find out her story.  And that same cycle continued until I completed the whole series.  The covers of these books are worth the books alone!  They are all about a group of single women living together.  They all have a past or secret, but the House Rule is “ask no questions”, so everyone has their privacy.  They are like sisters, and each book features the love story of one of them.  Every book refers to the last couple and introduces the characters that will eventually “hook up” by the end of the series.  They all become like your own personal friends as you read each book.

Madeline Hunter is an award-winning author, and has written about twenty books of historical fiction.  I loved this series so much, that I have purchased more of her books, though I haven’t had time to read any more as of this date.  BUT I WILL READ THEM.  Hunter has hooked me with her style of writing.  She knows how to write sensual passages, and create that sexual tension that keeps you turning pages until it is completed.  You will have no hesitation in reading the next one, and the next one, and the next one!  If you love historical fiction, you’ll never be sorry with a Madeline Hunter book!  Happy reading!


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