Nora Roberts…The Bride Quartet Series

  Nora Roberts is synonymous with romance novels.  I have read a few of her books, but not many.  She grabbed my attention with her BRIDE QUARTET SERIES.  What girl doesn’t dream of her wedding from early childhood?  That is the premise of this series of books.  They are based on four friends that as children , would gather to play and pretend that they were in each other’s wedding, taking turns at being the bride.  When they reached adulthood, the childhood role-playing became their livelihood as they partnered together to form “Vows“, a wedding event planning company.  One girl is the director and main organizer of the company.  Another is the florist, one the baker, and one the photographer.  Each book carries you through the romance story of each girl until they all have obtained their “happily ever after”.  I had to wait for months between the release of each book.  You won’t have to endure such torture as they are all out now.  If you love romance, weddings, and good sexual tension between the lovers, this series is for you.  Again, you know I am a sucker for a gorgeous book cover.  All of these covers are just that.  Here are the books of the series in order of release:

Book OneVision in White  (Photographer’s Love Story)
Book TwoBed of Roses  (Florist’s Love Story)
Book ThreeSavor the Moment  (Baker’s Love Story)
Book FourHappily Ever After  ( Event Planner  & Organizer’s Love Story)

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