Looking for a Hot Highlander Story?…I Can Help!

Karen Marie Moning

Highlander romance novels.  Love them.  I love to read these stories, and I buy anything with the word Highlander in the title.  I actually have about 10 paperback Highlander novels (written by various authors) to read when I get time, because I have bought every one off the Book Sale rack at my local library.  But the very best Highlander stories I have EVER read are written by author, Karen Marie Moning.  Her Highlander books are the hottest, sexiest, funniest, most suspenseful Highlander stories ever written in my opinion.  I can’t put them down.  They start in the present day with a heroine that somehow meets up with a Highlander from the past.  There is some danger that must be overcome and they eventually have to work together to see it through, with lots of hot scenes to help get them to the end of the story.  Also, you will find some of the characters show up in other books of the series, so pay attention!  If you aren’t thrilled with the story when you get to the last page, then you must not be a true lover of a sexy Scottish Highlander.  I think you will be like me, and be rushing back to the library or bookstore to get another one of Moning’s books in this series.  I have read them all.  Visit www.karenmoning.com to find out more about her other book series (I love the Fae stories, too!).  Here are the books in the Highlander series.  I happened to have started with The Spell of the Highlander, which wasn’t the first book in the series.  It didn’t matter, it got me started on some of the best reading I’ve ever enjoyed.  Hope you will, too!


Again, you know my love of a good cover!  These didn’t let me down!  If you like reading in order, it has been suggested reading the books in the order shown below will provide a richer reading experience:


2 thoughts on “Looking for a Hot Highlander Story?…I Can Help!

  1. I think I have read these all, and most of them are on my Goodreads list. I love her books. She perfected erotic romance writing, and she didn’t have to infuse them with the “F and P” words to make them H-O-T-T!!!!! I highly recommend these. Great choice this week, Ms. Patrick!

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