No Regrets…

New Novel by Joan Chandler 

No Regrets is the new mainstream novel by author, Joan Chandler.  It is due to be released on July 11th by Siren BookStrand Publishing, and I can hardly wait!  This story takes place primarily in Bremen, Germany, along with some other locations in America.  I am especially excited about this book because, as you may remember, Joan is my writing buddy.  Although I have read some of this book, it has been so long ago, and undergone so many revisions, that it will be a new story to even me.  She has made a great trailer of the book that will really bring the story to life as you read it.  Be sure to check it out at the address shown above.

I will soon be having Joan as my guest to tell us a little about this story, and the story behind the story!  I’ll keep you posted as to when to expect that chat!  Have a great week everyone, and try to live your life, so that you, too, will have No Regrets!


2 thoughts on “No Regrets…

  1. Wow! What a nice surprise to see a teaser on your site for my own teaser! I look forward to guesting on your blog in the coming days. And yes, I think you’ll feel like you’re reading almost a completely different book from the last version you proofed for me such a long while ago. I learned so much with Perfectly Imperfect and was able to make a lot of changes to this manuscript (which, as you know was written before P/I) before submitting. I will anxiously await your feedback. Hopefully it will be a pleasant surprise for you.

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