There is nothing more breath-taking than a huge, professional fireworks display (well, yes there is, but go with it).  Tonight, my son and I were leaving Wally World about 9:00 and when I looked up from fastening my seatbelt, I saw the sky light up with shimmery sparkles.  We were parked facing the direction of the city’s annual fireworks display, and it was beautiful.  We sat there for about fifteen minutes before my 11-year-old son informed me we could leave, but I had to stay and watch a little longer (yes, I had the doors locked and was scanning the area all around my car).

Growing up, my younger sister and I would spend a few weeks each summer with my grandmother and great-aunt.  Aunt Alice always made sure we had a box of sparklers for the Fourth of July.  We were in heaven.  We’d try to write our names in the smoke of the sparkler every time!  What my aunt was giving us was more than the box of sparklers.  It was many wonderful memories to look back on, and share with our children (who get sparklers now).

It’s been a tradition for many years for my sister and her family to go to my mother’s house outside the city limits to put on a fireworks display for our family.  It was always so much fun, even when it was sometimes so humid you could wring out your hair and your clothes when it was over.  Last year Mom moved inside the city limits to be closer to us girls, so the annual fireworks display had to end, as they aren’t allowed inside the city limits.  I thought it would be a “fireworkless” Fourth of July, but alas, a serendipity awaited us right there in the Wal-Mart parking lot! 🙂

I hope everyone had a wonderful day to rest and relax (hopefully, it was a holiday for most of you).  I do hope if you haven’t already, that you’ll take time to reflect on the true gift of our nation’s independence, which has provided us as individuals with independence.  Let’s say a prayer of thanks for the men and women in the armed forces that have fought to make us and keep us free, as well as a prayer for their safety and for the families they leave behind.

I hope that you feel a freedom to be yourself, and not a cookie-cutter personality like everyone around you.  Have dreams and dream big.  Don’t let people tell you that you can’t do it.  Find resources to help you follow your dreams and make them happen.  Don’t wait on it to fall in your lap because most likely it won’t.  I pray that you have or will find someone to support your dream and believe in you.  Don’t wait until you turn fifty, like me, to decide to act on them, but if that is when you get the gumption to do it – do it! When I turned 50,  I realized I had dreams I had decided could never happen, but wanted to give it a whirl anyway.  Now, here I am a month away from 51 and I have published a book, auditioned for The Voice, and have just submitted my second novel, and working on the 3rd one to send off within the month.  I have other dreams I am working/planning for (England here I come!) and won’t stop until I see them happen.  My favorite words of encouragement to give to people (especially young people like my nephews and nieces) are from Martina McBride‘s song “when you get the chance to dance…dance”.  LIVE LIFE….DON’T MERELY EXIST!!

Happy Fourth of July everyone!  I want to leave you with a link to Katy Perry’s song, Firework.  I chose a version that shows the lyrics, because I like this message.  Growing up I was painfully shy and saw myself full of flaws and was a wallflower in the worst way.  I wish more for all of you. Have a great rest of the week and rejoice in your independence!


2 thoughts on “Fireworks!!

  1. Can’t imagine you as a wallflower. You’re so kind, giving and open, it’s hard to picture that in my head but I know you as the awesome adult you’ve become, and it’s good to know you’ve let your light shine. Love ya, Chica. Keep reaching for the stars.

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