I Have No Regrets…

    Today is my 21st wedding anniversary, and as part of my personal celebration,  I just pre-ordered my copy of Joan Chandler‘s book, No Regrets from BookStrand Publishing.   It is due to be released on July 11th.  It may be purchased at a discounted price through July 18th, so go and check it out!  It is a sensual romance, meaning it is of the mainstream genre, rather than an erotic romance.  Your mother and grandmother can read this one, ladies!  It has a strong storyline set in Germany, so it has a fairy tale ending for sure!

Don’t think you’ll have to miss out on “hotness” with it, because, as her writing buddy, I’ve had a sneak peek already.  It will deliver a beautiful love story with plenty of passion on the pages!

If you didn’t get a chance to read Perfectly Imperfect, her first novel, you can still get a copy online from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Have a great weekend!

Here is a link to the site if you want to go ahead and order it while you’re thinking about it.  I promise you’ll have No Regrets!:)




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