This past Sunday, I did a giveaway  of Joan Chandler‘s new book, No Regrets,  to coincide with her interview on my blog.  To be completely fair, I asked a special friend, The Lego Master, to choose the winner of the giveaway.  He chose Jillian Chantal as the recipient of the book!  Jillian happens to be a friend and fellow romance author, and has several new book releases of her own. Go to her site, and check out what’s happening in her world, too!

Also, to find out more about my special friend and official “pull the name out of the hat” person, go to his site at .  His mind never tires of trying to find out more about monsters and beasts, whether it’s watching a program or video, reading a book, or creating his own monsters and beasts with Legos.

 If you missed the interview with Joan Chandler, go back to my previous post to read it and an excerpt from her book, No Regrets.

Have a great “rest of the week” everyone!!!


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