Sleep Problem Resolved!

Last night I went back to the Sleep Center to do my second night of the sleep study.  This time, I was fitted for a CPAP breathing machine.  Using this machine at night is meant to help me sleep more deeply and peacefully throughout the night because I will not be holding my breath and snoring myself awake!  As a result, I should wake up feeling more rested and alert, better ready to face the challenges of the day.

My nurse, Theresa, was great.  She knew her job, but better than that to me, she was personable, and made me feel at ease from the start.  She prepped me with all the electrodes again that would monitor my sleep, but this week, I wore a CPAP mask attached to an air hose that pumped in air at a pressure meant to keep the airways open while I slept, rather than collapsing and causing me to snore.  During my sleep, she set the machine at different pressure levels, according to how the monitors were reading my sleep.  If she heard me snore, then she knew I needed more pressure to keep it open.  The doctor will come read the data from last night, and ultimately, he will set the pressure level, but we may have to make some adjustments until we get it just right.

My nurse did a great job in explaining how the mask would feel, and told me the best things to do to have a better experience with the mask.  She tried several types of masks on me before we chose the one best for me and my comfort.  I was thrilled to have some input in what the mask would feel like.  The one I chose was lightweight and not cumbersome at all.  I can still wear my glasses if I need to before drifting off to sleep.  It was a pale pink and gray, and not nearly as horrible as I had imagined.  The machine made a soft, low hum during the night, and not an annoying roar/rattle as I expected it to do.  I personally like a noise to go to sleep with, so it was music to my ears!!

In a few days, I will go pick up my very own CPAP machine.  I am surprised that I am looking forward to having it.  I slept well last night, and didn’t struggle with the mask at all.  I believe it is because Theresa listened to me and considered what would work best for me.  She knew (and told me) if I didn’t feel comfortable, I wouldn’t wear it at home.  She is right about that.  I can live with this I think.  I expected to come home saying I would have a mask like “Bane“, the villan from the latest Batman movie, but mine is going to be a bit more ladylike (if that is even possible!).

I want to thank the staff and my nurses for making this a positive experience for me.  Their work and positive attitude helped me to have a positive attitude as well.  So…if you need to do a sleep study, what are you waiting for?  Go ahead and make the appointment.  I have a feeling I am going to be thanking my doctor and husband for suggesting it, too!   It should make a real difference, not only in how you feel, but your productivity as well!  Take care and have a splendid weekend!

Here are some pictures of CPAP masks available:

What I feared:       or…. 



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