Our Own Version of BLACK SKY…

Richard Armitage in picture tweeted by director of BLACK SKY  (yes, this is the official “costume” of a high school teacher.  I should know.  I’m married to one!  Can’t go wrong with a button-down shirt and khakis!)

If you are a Richard Armitage fan, then you probably know he is already working on his next film, Black Sky.  It is a “weather film” dealing with tornadoes I believe.  Well, here on the Gulf Coast, we are hanging out with Hurricane Issac.  We’ve been out of school for two days now, and will be out again tomorrow (it’s actually Wed. now, but 2:15 in the morning).  We had one full week with our students and then got 3 days off for Hurricane days, and will have next Monday off for Labor Day.  What a way to start the new school year!!  It is really messy outside and the wind is blowing fairly strong.  My husband, also a teacher, has been glued to the Weather Channel for days now.  I got up tonight because I heard the Civil Defense alarm go off in the distance indicating a tornado warning.  My three Pomeranians are sawing logs right now, so I think that we may be okay.  They are our personal bad weather indicators.  Guess I’m just listening out for the “freight train” sound.  At least over the summer we cleared out our tornado safety closet in the basement.  It was piled chest high with the toys my son had accumulated for the last 11 years.  At best, all we could have done is thrown ourselves on top of the pile and hoped for the best.  Now, it is basically empty and we will not risk being pelted with Thomas the Tank Engine trains and track.  Well, guess I’ll go back to writing.  I am trying to finish the last 2-3 chapters of my next book before I have to go back to school on Thursday.  My cover for Memphis Heat arrived today via email.  It is interesting to say the least.  I was thrilled with the cover of One Sizzling Summer.  The cover artist for Memphis Heat is new and I will just have to stare at it for a while to get used to it.  Hey, it’s a book with my name on the cover.  I’m living my dream to be a writer, so I am happy.  Hope you all stay safe.


7 thoughts on “Our Own Version of BLACK SKY…

    • Thank you, Herba. Today looks to be messy weather more than anything threatening. Guess I’ll have to go back to work tomorrow.I kept hoping that RA would decide he needed to experience being in the middle of a real storm and would show up somewhere around here doing research for his character. Guess he watched the Weather Channel, too! 🙂 Have a great rest of the week!

  1. Thankfully Isaac has spared our area too much bad weather – at least for now. As you say, at this point I think tornadoes may be the bigger threat. While I’m all for having something in common with RA, I would prefer it NOT to be a close encounter with a twister! 🙂 I can relate to your comment about pets being your “weather alert”. Our cat has walked the house crying at the top of her lungs all night long. My hubby finally had enough and banished her to the sun porch a little while ago. Poor baby! Bad weather freaks her out. Congrats about getting so close to the end on Book 3, as well as getting your cover. I miss Jinger but have an open mind about the new graphic artists. I am sure the Memphis Heat cover sizzles!!!

  2. Thank you for your comment. Your kitty was very upset indeed! My trio of pets never got too upset. Even Sam, my scaredy cat that has to be held during storms, never panicked.It would have been different if we had had a lot of thunder. Well, I’m off to try to finish “Love’s Right Around the Curve”. Hopefully, I’ll be sending it your way for proofing and revisions by midnight. Keep your fingers crossed.

    • We go back to school tomorrow. Glad you guys are okay. I registered for the Heart of Louisiana Readers’ Conferrence today. Saw your name as a guest author. Joan and I love this conference. It was the first writers conference we ever attended, and it is a tradition now. See you there!! 🙂

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