Memphis Heat…Release Day’s Here!

Today is the day!  Memphis Heat is available for purchase at !  I’m very happy this morning.  Now, I am off to my day job as an unassuming elementary school teacher.  But late tonight I will morph into Red-Hot Romance Writer!!  Have a great day! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Memphis Heat…Release Day’s Here!

    • Hi Kate,
      You’re very weclome for the review(s). I have thoroughly enjoyed your two books to date, and I will certainly be buying your latest book, Love Beyond the Curve, upon its release. I’m glad my reviews came at a time you needed something positive, and I’m glad you liked my words. As you may have noticed, my blogspot has a diverse mix of books, primarily within erotica and romance. However, I read a wide spectrum; I just love a good book. Thank you for joining. It’s a boutique little blog but there are quite surpsising numbers that have viewed it, amazing really. Mostly they are lurkers 🙂 I intend on expanding more and more.
      I have looked at The Romance Studio, it appears they only allow their own reviewers to write anything on there. If I could, I would review for you there. May I say you need some more marketing. Both of your books have been gems that should have a decent size reading audience. I’ll tell you how I came to know of you. It was because of Mercy Celeste. She mentioned both of your books and they sounded good so I bought them, read them, and loved them. I will now link to your Siren page and they will let me know when your next book is coming out. I will look at Joan Chandler’s books now that I am aware of her as well, thank you.
      Know my reviews are always honest, so when I take the time to review and I say I like something I truly do. On my blogspot my reviews tend to be the ones I really like – love. However, On Top Down Under is a drop in the ocean of what I review.
      Thank you for the compliment on my reviews. No, I’ve never written fiction. I have written for my work and public speeches, that’s enough for me. I have no desire to write, I like reading what others have taken the time to write. I love being swept away. I will leave the writing to those with wonderful and creative minds 🙂 By the way your description of your son’s desire to name your book ‘Thermal Romance’ cracked me up, my son is a Medical Science student.
      Thank for appreciating the reviews. It was nice to meet you. I wish you and your family all the best at this time, and you are in my thoughts.


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