I received and returned my final edits for Love Beyond the Curve this past weekend.  It is scheduled to be released December 4th.  I’m now anxiously awaiting the cover art to see if it is wonderful or something less than wonderful. 🙂  So far I have been pleased with the covers from Siren.  This should be fine, too.

I have things ready for the trip to Baton Rouge in November.  Joan Chandler and I are attending the Heart of Louisiana Readers’ Luncheon on the 10th.  We are excited because we have been invited to the author book signing part of the day.  That will be exciting, even if no one buys a book to be signed!

Well, waiting is something we all have to do daily, whether it is waiting for the laundry to finish, or your favorite television show to come on.  It is hard to do, and often the “watched pot, never boils”.  It is better to busy oneself with other things and the event will be upon you before you know it.  Guess I will busy myself with organizing this house, and maybe my home office will emerge as a result! 🙂

Have a great weekend!  Here’s a little early “trick or treat goodie” for you!


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