Never in a Million Years…

The cover for my new book, Love Beyond the Curve, finally arrived on Friday.  My best friend happened to walk in about the time I was going to open the file and see it for the first time.  I made her hold my hand because I was so nervous.  When I opened it, my jaw dropped, and not because it was wonderful or terrible.  There looking back at me was the same couple used on the cover of my fellow writing buddy, Joan Chandler‘s book, No Regrets!!!!  I was stunned.  Never in a million years would I have expected to see that same man.  His eyes are blue on my cover, and you can see her profile, but the rest is basically the same.  Here is the wacky part…we had different cover artists!!  They had no way of knowing that we know each other.

Because we will be attending book signings and other writing events together (and probably sitting together), I have written back to the publisher asking if something can be done to make mine different from hers.  I also suggested that since the guy in my book is in construction, he could be more muscular-looking than what is on the current cover.  That email will be waiting in the INBOX in the morning, so I am anxious to hear a reply.

The story is more mainstream than what I usually write, so it is published under the BookStrand name rather than Siren like my other books.  The cover isn’t as sexy as I’m used to, but was good.  The book will be released on December 4th -with the same cover or  with a new one.  I am excited about the story, and hope many readers will be, too.  Just for fun, I am going to show you my new cover beside Joan Chandler’s cover.  You be the judge.  Isn’t it the same couple?  Hope you ll have a wonderful week!



4 thoughts on “Never in a Million Years…

  1. I got a reply from them today. They are sending the revision request to Christine and will have the new cover to me as soon as it is available. Hope she’s not going to make me sorry for asking. I tried to emphasize that I was very pleased, but hated to sit by Joan with identical covers. We shall see…

  2. This is one of the most random coincidences ever! What are the odds? Maybe this is the right week for the two of us to hit up the Biloxi casinos…seems longshot odds are in our favor! 🙂

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