Forget “Elf on a Shelf”…Try “Thorin on a Shelf”!

Joan Chandler and I did a bit of holiday shopping this weekend.  We couldn’t help but grin about seeing the signs of the movie “The Hobbit” there in Toys-R-Us.  Lego sets were all over the shelf.  Of course you have to buy them all if you want to have the complete cast of characters.  We moved on from Legos to the boys’ toy section, only to turn the corner and find a huge display of “The Hobbit” action figures.  It is no secret to our faithful followers that Joan Chandler and I have an appreciation for the talents of British actor, Richard Armitage who will play a leading Hobbit character, Thorin Oakenshield.  Joan and I spied a Thorin action figure in a set of characters and she chuckled and said, “Forget the Elf on the Shelf.  I’ll take Thorin and Kili on the Shelf!”  She took out her trusty phone and snapped a quick pic of the toys and promptly posted it on Twitter, standing right there in the middle of Hobbit toys!  Kili is the nephew of Thorin, and played by Irishman, Aidan Turner (from BBC’s Being Human).  He has a faithful following as well!  Here is here snapshot of the two dwarves:


If you enjoyed The Lord of the Rings trilogy, this movie is for you.  It is the prequel to the “Rings” trilogy.  It will be released in three parts, and was directed by Peter Jackson, who directed the Lord of the Rings films.  As you can see from my countdown calendar, there are only 12 days until the premiere of The Hobbit in Los Angeles.  This will be an early Christmas present for MANY fans!

Have a great week!


6 thoughts on “Forget “Elf on a Shelf”…Try “Thorin on a Shelf”!

  1. Okay, next we need a picture on your blog of your newly acquired Thorin action figure, posed side-by-side with “Little Guy”. From one extreme to the other, but they both look great in leather! 🙂

    Cannot wait for opening day!

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