The Christmas Dare Available for Pre-Order!!


Joan Chandler‘s new Christmas read, The Christmas Dare,  is now available for pre-order at BookStrand Publishing.  I was checking out the “Coming Soon” lists, and there it was, just waiting for me to click and purchase!  It will be available to download on December 19th.  Go ahead and get your copy today and you’ll be set to read by the Christmas tree while sipping your favorite hot beverage.  I’ll be sipping a cup of Lemon Lift hot tea while I read about Gia and Ethan.  Here is a link to purchase yours right now:

Here is an exclusive excerpt not found anywhere else from The Christmas Dare ( I dare you not to want to read more! 🙂 ):

That night, Gia’s dreams took her to a place she’d never been before…Ethan’s bed. When they’d been kids, they were inseparable as best friends. Like brother and sister. When she was a teenager, she found herself attracted to him in an entirely different way. But it felt wrong to her. Sinfully wrong. So she distanced herself from him to avoid those newfound feelings. Then she’d met David Bender. And all those hormones refocused on her new boyfriend. Things went back to a friendly camaraderie with Ethan. They had stayed that way, too. Until tonight.

Tonight, Gia entered a fantasy world that picked up where Ethan’s kiss left off. In her dream, when she hadn’t backed away he’d crushed his mouth against hers, which opened willingly under the onslaught. His tongue, tasting of Corona and lime, slipped between her teeth to stroke her own, and she eagerly met him halfway. Gia felt him loosen his grip around her waist, and she anticipated the separation when he would push her away. Instead, she felt his hands slide down her back and over her hips until they cupped the underside of her bottom, which he pressed against his groin.

“Mmm,” she moaned, and he intensified the kiss at the sound of her response.

She couldn’t help herself. In spite of the warning bells that were clanging inside her head, signaling a point of no return if they went any further, she let her hand skim against his abdomen and past the waistband of his blue jeans. Soon she palmed the firm bulge that strained against its confines, and she rubbed her hand up and down it.

“Gia, stop unless you want to take this to a level we’ve never been to before,”he warned with a whisper against her lips.

“Take me there, Ethan,” she murmured and then caught her breath as he suddenly hitched her up into his arms. She wrapped her legs around his hips, clinging to him in a ravenous tangle.


2 thoughts on “The Christmas Dare Available for Pre-Order!!

  1. You’re a doll for posting this on your site. I have been keeping an eye on your latest book and not only is it at the top of BookStrand’s chart, but you’re at the top of their best selling authors’ list too! Fantastic way to cap off your year, Ms. Patrick! YAY!!!

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