The Christmas Dare…Release Day Super Book Blast!


Today, I am partnering with Goddess Fish Promotions to bring you Joan Chandler‘s new release, The Christmas Dare, available at BookStrand Publishing beginning TODAY!   I am especially thrilled about hosting this event because Joan is a dear friend of mine.  I’ve had a sneak peek at this story, and you are going to love it!  I am going to share a bit with you about Joan and her new book, The Christmas Dare.  After reading more about it, be sure to leave a comment, as Joan will be randomly selecting a commenter to receive a $25 Gift Card to Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  Follow her tour and leave comments at each stop to increase your chances of winning.

Now, let me introduce you to Joan Chandler and her new release, The Christmas Dare:


The Christmas Dare

by Joan Chandler





Self-professed Christmas addict Gia Dixon, and by-the-book Ethan Castle have been best friends all their lives. When tragedy strikes Ethan’s family, Gia’s the rock he depends on to pull him through the darkest days. Then, a shared, long-forgotten memory leads to an unexpected yet tender kiss.  Can a simple Christmas dare help them find true love?





Funny how times had changed, Gia thought to herself. How was it possible to have gone all these years and not have thought of him romantically? Yet now all she wanted to do was steal a minute alone to kiss him again. Or more.


She saw headlights coming down the road and opened the door, preparing to walk out to meet him.


“No, ma’am,” she heard Ethan call out. He was already getting out of his Jeep and motioned for her to turn around and go back inside.


She was unsure what to make of it, but did as he asked. Then she heard the doorbell ring.  Slowly she opened the door, and saw his smiling face. She backed up a step to allow him to walk inside.


“We may be taking things slow, but I’m still going to do it the right way. When I ask you out on a date, I’ll park and come to your door. If this were seven years ago and you were living at home, your dad would have kicked my ass if he ever caught me letting you just walk out to the curb to get in my car.”


Gia could easily recall the many times her father had complained about that when other boys had done it to her.


“How right you are. My mistake.” She laughed. “From now on I’ll expect to be courted properly according to the Henry Dixon Dating Manual.”


“Besides, stealing a quick moment alone behind closed doors gives me the opportunity to do this.” He pulled her into his embrace to softly kiss her.


When their lips parted, she commented, “I don’t think Daddy had that in mind when he made up that particular rule. But you score extra points for showing initiative.”



AUTHOR Bio and Links:


Joan Chandler is a Florida native who has lived in the Deep South all of her life. She is married with two children who are her pride and joy. She lives a double life of sorts, holding down a nine-to-five job during the day, and writing steamy romance at night—often with her black cat curled up in her arms as she types.


When she’s not spending her spare time working on her next novel, she loves to go camping, sharing girls’ night out with her friends, walking her two dogs, and watching football.




Twitter account:   @joanchandler1


Find me on Facebook:  Joan Chandler


Previously published works are Perfectly Imperfect, and No Regrets.  Both are available at:




Barnes & Noble:




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