Happy New Year!


Well, this image popped up HUGE on this screen, but that is fine.  I like what it says, so I’m good.  Here we go …another year to take and make into whatever we want for ourselves. I’m talking about the variables we can actually control.  As for those variables we have no control over, we still control how we react to them.

As for last year’s resolutions, “Yay!” for those that accomplished them.  “Yay!” for those that are still working on them.  So you didn’t meet the 2012 deadline for completion…so what?  We have another year to continue working toward completion of that goal, and possibly add another one to the list! 🙂 I’m all about the concept of “rollover” goals!

“Positive Spoken Here” is a motto at the Patrick household.  Do we always do it?  No, but before we go too far into a rant, someone tries to put a positive spin on the situation, even if it is only a SPECK of positive.  Somehow it helps us to stop and reassess the situation, then begin to talk about what we can do to deal with it, instead of blowing it up bigger.  I really like the Special K advertisement focusing on what will you GAIN with a weight loss plan.  As the people get on the scale expecting a number to flash before them, they see words like “SATISFACTION” and “CONFIDENCE”.  That is more inspiring than seeing a number and doing the math!

I already know this year is going to bring some wonderful and heartbreaking events for me.  I am going to be retiring in May, which will allow me to put my focus on my family and my writing.  But, it will also bring with it the passing of my father whom I love dearly.  The fact that he is still here in 2013 at all is a blessing.  I am treasuring each day and each word we share with one another.  I will be able to let him go because I have been fortunate enough to know I need to value each day with him.  Many aren’t given that opportunity with loved ones.

I wish every one of you a Happy New Year.  I hope that a whole lot of POSITIVE comes your way, and that you will find strength and wisdom to deal with the challenges that you will face this year.  Let’s be generous with words of love and encouragement, and frugal with criticisms and negative remarks.  Let’s tune out those negative words and attitudes sent our way, and tune in to those words of encouragement and support spoken to help us on our path to being the person we want to be for life.  Love you guys!

Kate Patrick


4 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. I am loving the Special K commercials too. I really need to get my hands on one of those scales!!! As for what the new year will bring, there will definitely be ups and downs, as you say. But how we live each day between now and when any life-changing events occur will help us see the “downs” in a positive way (in keeping with your matnra). Even saying goodbye can be positive if you have peace in your heart at the end and know you wouldn’t take back one single word or deed that transpired between the two of you. It’s both a comfort to you and to the loved one you treasure.

    • Thank you for your comment. I am a “silver lining searcher”. Doesn’t mean I am naive, or sticking my head in the sand when problems arise. It means I rant and catch my breath and ask, “Now what am I going to do about it?” I hope you have a good evening, and a pleasant “rest of the week”. 🙂 Take care!


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