“Book-A-Rama” at KP!


Books!  Books!  Books!  I can’t get enough books!  Whether it’s books on my Nook, or books I buy or check out from the library, I always have room for one more.  Luckily, last year we started sharing books at school.  We designated an empty cabinet to house books of all genres for faculty members to come “peruse and choose” when looking for something new to read.  The idea is to bring a book to leave behind when you take one to read.   I have been able to part with a few of my beloved companions knowing they would be going to good homes where they would be held and enjoyed by someone new.

During January and February, I will be partnering with Goddess Fish Promotions to host several “book tour stops” for many new authors.  All of them will be giving away prizes to randomly chosen commenters, so you will want to stop by if just to say, “Good luck!”.  Here is a list of the authors that will be stopping by during their tour, and the books they will be sharing with us:

  1. Jan. 8thManless in Montclair by Amy Holman Edelman
  2. Jan. 14thAway From the Spotlight by Tamara Carlisle
  3. Jan. 21st:  For the Love of Sarah by Hazel Statham
  4. Jan. 23rdUnder Her Spell by Eliza Daly
  5. Jan. 28thThe Angry Woman Suite by Lee Fullbright
  6. Jan. 30thHolding Off for a Hero by Gail MacMillan
  7. Feb.6thThe Boudoir Sessions by Starla Cole
  8. Feb. 26th Laura’s Light by Donna Gallagher

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