Defining the Curves…


Well, it is still January and I have not made my “resolution(s)” known yet, but I guess there is still time to state them publicly, so POSSIBLY I might try to actually accomplish them.   Nah, that won’t affect me, as I didn’t do it last year.  That is why I invented the concept of “rollover resolutions”.  That means I never give up on myself.  I have also adopted The Scarlett Philosophy:  Tomorrow is another day With these two concepts in place in my brain, it means there is always hope.  As long as we have hope, we can continue on our journey through life knowing every opportunity to accomplish meaningful tasks is ours for the taking, if we so choose.

This year is going to be tough and wonderful.  If you read this blog with any regularity, you know I am facing losing my father to cancer.  I am also changing my life by retiring in May.  No, I am not that old, but am eligible for retirement after almost 30 years as an elementary school teacher.  I’ve seen a lot of approaches to curriculum over the years, and am not interested in embarking on yet another after this year’s implementation of Singapore Math!!  I understand next year is bringing a new approach to teaching Reading, so I am crying “UNCLE” and bailing out. What does all that have to do with defining curves?  Here’s my thinking…

Part of why I am so lusciously “curvy” is that I tend to be an emotional muncher.  Stress tends to be the biggest trigger, and the above mentioned events will be life-changing therefore stressful. This brings me to my resolution: To begin forming some healthier habits to see me through these times.

This week I started doing crunches on an ab board loaned to me by my BFF, Joan Chandler.  I am trying to add one more crunch each day in an effort to begin defining my curves.  I am going to add walking next week.  Baby steps and nothing too extreme all at once.  Maybe that approach will be something that makes this year’s effort work.  Who knows?   I am hoping it will make a difference.  I’ll keep you posted.  If I am successful, I’ll post a before and after picture instead of a picture of another curvy girl with curves in all the right places.  We shall see.


2 thoughts on “Defining the Curves…

    • Thanks. God knows I need it. This is a lifelong resolution. At least I keep making the resolution instead of saying “Forget it.” ! 🙂

      On Sun, Jan 13, 2013 at 8:17 AM, kate patrick

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