For Love of Sarah…Interview with Hazel Statham


  Today, I am joining Goddess Fish Promotions to present to you, Hazel Statham, author of For Love of Sarah.  I am proud to be one of many hosting a stop on her Virtual Book Tour Ms. Statham is giving away a beautiful cream coin freshwater pearl necklace OR a digital copy of her book, DOMINIC to a randomly selected commenter during the tour.   Be sure to visit her at other stops during her tour, and leave a comment to increase your chance of winning.  You can find a list of other websites to visit in order to follow the tour at the end of this post. 

 If you enjoy reading romance, then I believe Ms. Statam’s books will be a welcomed addition to your personal library.   I recently had the opportunity to meet and talk with her, not only about her new book, but about her thoughts on writing as well.  Here is what she had to say…

  1. What was your inspiration for your new book, For the Love of Sarah ?

The vague idea for the story evolved over a period of time but I didn’t know where to start until, whilst watching a play, I heard the words “Why now?  Dear God, why now,” and I knew, taken in a different context, I had my beginning.   However, before finally committing to the storyline, I checked with a doctor that I had the facts of Alexander’s injury correct – I wanted to make sure it was plausible.  I like to listen to my characters and let them tell their own story and sometimes they take me off at a tangent but Alexander and Sarah were very consistent and were determined that we stay true to their story.

  1. What is your writing style like? Do you have  set hours for writing, or do you write only when you get an idea in your head?

I don’t write to a formula and write as and when the muse strikes (sometimes at the oddest of hours).  I write sweet historical romance where the bedroom door is discreetly closed on my hero and heroine.  This doesn’t mean that my books are not romantic; on the contrary, love is what drives my story forward and is the reason my protagonists have a story to tell.  My voice is of the period and, hopefully, helps preserve the mores of the day.

  1. Do you control your characters, or do you sometimes feel they take on a life of their own, and do some things you wouldn’t necessarily want them to do?

As soon as we begin, they have a life of their own and it’s like watching a play unfold.  There have been times when I hear the most unexpected words coming out of their mouths, but this just adds depth and interest to the story.  I am not averse to the occasional detour and follow through whenever I can.

  1. If you had to select the actor and actress to play Sarah and Alexander, whom would you choose?

Unhesitatingly it would have to be Richard Armitage for Alexander; he would fit the part exactly.  Sarah? She would be more difficult to cast and I think I would have to leave that one to the casting director as no suitable actress immediately springs to mind.

  1. What is your advice for writers on that quest to become “published” writers?

Write what you know and love and relish the whole writing process, it shows if you write out of your comfort zone.  Write as if you are writing for yourself alone and then it’s an added bonus if you‘re taken up by a publisher.  Ensure that the publisher you’re submitting to is actually seeking your genre, there’s nothing more disheartening than receiving a rejection purely because they don’t publish your type of work.  I made that mistake and it was several years before I had the courage to send my work out again.  Just enjoy! I do.



How many times can a heart be broken?  How many times can love be denied?  Sarah and Alexander were destined for each other but after just four short weeks of marriage, their lives were torn asunder.

Alexander, Earl of Thorne thought he had found his ideal mate but, when Sarah absconded shortly after their marriage, his world came crashing down.  Now, five years later, he discovers her in a remote Yorkshire village.

Sarah had thought she was safe, but when, severely injured in a freak accident, her husband is thrust once more into her life, she fears her dark secrets and the fact she has a son, will become known.

Despite her own desperate longings, she continually repudiates Alexander’s efforts of reconciliation. However, fate conspires against her, and when her home is made uninhabitable by floods, she and her young son are forced to accept his aid and return to her former home .

Discovery threatens and, despite her breaking heart, she plans to leave Alexander’s life.  What is this secret that makes it so imperative that she should abscond from him yet again?  Can two broken hearts cleave and emerge victorious or will life’s cruel forces tear them apart forever?




Yorkshire, June, 1815

Why now? Dear God, why now? After almost five years of schooling his body and mind from wanting her, the mere sight of her slight form across the crowded marketplace had brought back all the old emotions he’d worked so desperately to subdue, and he reeled with the impact.

He’d thought the stance of the young woman was familiar, as he had on numerous occasions, only to be disappointed, but when she moved into full view by the bakery stall, he immediately realized that it truly was his wife. Sarah, his senses cried, sweet, faithless Sarah. They had been wed but four weeks when she disappeared from his home and life. To find her now in a remote Yorkshire village defied all sense.

His impulse was to confront her immediately, but as he moved to tether his horse to the rail outside the smithy, the blacksmith came out to take the beast from him.

“Lost his shoe, has he, sir?” the man asked, casting an appreciative eye over the large chestnut. “Fine animal, if I might say so…”

Thrusting the reins into the smithy’s hands, Alexander Markham, Earl of Thorne, snapped, “Left side, fore,” effectively cutting short the blacksmith’s appraisal of his mount, and, turning on his heel, left the man to stare after him as he made his way into the throng of people in the marketplace.

Despite his advantage of height, he could see no sign of his wife. She had moved from the stall—but to where? Becoming frustrated with the press of people that milled around him, he strode toward the centre where the ground rose to provide a vantage point, but to no avail. Sarah was nowhere in view, and he began to doubt his own perception.



AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Hazel Statham began writing at the age of fifteen, finally committing to paper the stories she spun as a child. Writing has been her passion ever since, although marriage, motherhood, and career left time for little else. Once she retired, however, she was able to devote herself to writing full-time, publishing her first novel in 2007. A long time student of history, she writes mainly in the Regency and Georgian eras, though she has been known to dabble in the medieval as well. She lives in Staffordshire, England, with her husband, Terry, and their beloved yellow Labrador, Mollie.

Hazel loves to hear from her readers and promises to answer all mail.

Website address

Purchase links (available from all Amazon domains)






Thank you so much for stopping by to find out about this delightful author.  I enjoyed meeting her, and look forward to sitting down with a cup of hot tea and reading this intriguing story!   Check out the list below to follow Ms. Statham to other stops on her Virtual Book Tour for  her new book, For Love of Sarah.

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14 thoughts on “For Love of Sarah…Interview with Hazel Statham

    • I am thrilled to have met you and have you here today. When your answer about what actor would play Alexander was “Richard Armitage”…well, I have pictures of him on my picture page of this website, so you had me from then on! 🙂 I will be purchasing this book, not only because the blurb intrigues me, but because now I know who to think about as I read it! 🙂 Thank you for being here, and good luck with the remainder of your tour.

  1. Richard Armitage? I didn’t recognize his name so I googled him. What a great choice for someone to play your hero on screen. Very handsome.

  2. What an absolutely awesome sounding story. It sounds sensitive and sweet with perhapssome twists and turns. I can hardly wait to read it.

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