The Boudoir Sessions…Review and Giveaways

Today, I am hosting a stop on Starla Cole’s Review Tour of The Boudoir Sessions:  Erotic Romance in the Photo Studio.  Be warned that if explicit, erotic literature is not for you, you may want to come back another day.  If you enjoy reading an erotic romance, stay where you are! 🙂  Not only is Starla giving away a $25 Amazon Gift Card to a random commenter, but the third book in her anthology, Goddess of Bondage, will be FREE all during her tour this week!  Click on the link below to find out how to get your FREE copy of the third book in The Boudoir Sessions!

Now, for a little bit about the books.  I will give you a blurb, excerpt, and my review.  I will then share more with you about the author, and where her books may be purchased.


The Boudoir Sessions is a series of erotic short stories that follow the sexual misadventures of Syria, a boudoir photographer in New Mexico.

Syria meets Tyson, a romantic Santa stripper, who turns her on to a whole new alternative lifestyle through photo shoots with live sex show performers, body contortionists, and experts in Japanese bondage. But even as Syria experiments at Tyson’s suggestion, the couple begins to realize the relationship between them that began as a dalliance is proving to be something much more.


The reins jingled as he shook them at her.

Syria’s eyes widened. “What do you plan to do with those?”

“Terrible things.” His eyes danced with mischief. He let go of her ankles and grasped her wrists.

His lips captured her once again as he expertly entwined the leather around and through her arms. “Just a little bit of bondage. Nothing elaborate.”

Her heart hammered. She should be afraid, a stranger tying her up. But instead she felt wet and slick.

Once her wrists were lashed together he pushed the reins through the runners of the wood sleigh and wrapped the ends around his own wrist. “You’re mine now,” he said.

She shivered. Her elbows framed her head, her hands high and away. She tried to bring them down, but he jerked on the reins with a jingle. “No escape.”

Cover_The Boudoir Sessions

The Boudoir Sessions: Erotic Romance in the Photo Studio by Starla Cole is a collection of three short stories all featuring Syria, a  photographer based in New Mexico, and gorgeous stripper, Tyson, whom she meets when he comes in to have his picture made dressed as Santa Claus. In the first book, Naughty Santa,  the atmosphere heats up as Syria gives Tyson directions for poses she wants for the Santa Stripper shoot. She can’t help but be attracted to not only his model-worthy good looks, but the way he looks and speaks to her as she is snapping away.  Before the photo session is over, the two have engaged in a hot and steamy sexual session as well.  The two recognize a spark between them that may last longer than the photo session.  Cole does a great job of writing “sexy banter” between the characters as the photo shoot takes place, drawing the reader into the story.  Her description of their encounter is well written, and makes for an enjoyable session for the reader, too!

The second installment of Cole’s anthology, Dirty Pirate Hooker, involves a couple that comes to have a pirate-themed photo shoot with Syria, having been referred by Tyson.  Before the couple arrives, Tyson drops by while in town on business, and the two begin an exploration in Japanese bondage.  Syria is mesmerized by the experience, and decides to try her hand at it with Tyson.  This encounter is very detailed, and not your ordinary “tie the wrists to the bedpost” bondage.  Soon after Syria and Tyson have concluded their experience, the pirate couple arrives for their photo session.  Tyson must catch a plane, and leaves the them to get to work.  Syria finds photographing the couple to be very erotic, as do the pirates themselves.  Before the shoot is over, the twosome has become a threesome, yet another new and pleasurable experience for Syria.  Cole’s descriptive writing leaves little to the imagination, and should be a hit with those lovers of erotic romance.



AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Starla Cole started taking naughty pictures back when we still developed our secret images under red lights in darkrooms. After photographing hundreds of boudoir clients, she realized that each of those pictures were indeed worth a thousand words, and began writing erotica as a way of imagining what might could happen between consenting adults when the camera stops clicking and the lights go down.

The Boudoir Sessions is her first series of erotic shorts. Watch for more work from Starla at her web site:






19 thoughts on “The Boudoir Sessions…Review and Giveaways

    • Oh, that IS a hard question! I wrote Naughty Santa on a dare, so I love that one. But my new husband and I started a series a few weeks ago called Couples Play, and I’ve had a GREAT time writing steamy stories with him! But I think my favorite is still going to be Heteroflexibility, which is a romantic comedy, under my pen name Mary Beth Daniels. This was a story about all my friends and trying to get married (they are lesbians) and it is very close to my heart.

    • The first story (Naughty Santa) is stock art because that story was a dare by my friends, and I didn’t know I’d be writing more. When that story went wild on Kindle before Christmas, I decided to keep going, so I put a call out to my boudoir clients if they were willing to be on my other covers. A VERY lovely woman came to be photographed as Mia for Dirty Pirate Hooker and Goddess of Bondage. Mia becomes Syria’s new friend after the Pirate photo shoot, and this girl who arrived fit her perfectly! We had such a good time, and there were so many good photos, it was hard to pick one. In those two books, there are bonus images inside from the shoots.

      I have a problem with the next cover (Love in Hot Wax) as I’m not sure I can ask anyone to have wax poured on them. I may have to do that one as a self-portrait. Eek!

    • The first three stories are already out and the fourth and final part is due out in March. Syria and Tyson are going to have a super tough time in the last part, but I expect them to figure things out!

  1. I’m happy to have been asked to host this day with Starla. I read the books and I enjoyed them. As I said, if this is a genre you enjoy reading, Starla doesn’t let you down. Using the camera is a great way to get the stories rolling. It was easy for one thing to lead to another! 🙂 Good luck with the series and all of your future endeavors, Ms. Cole! Thank you to all the visitors and commenters that dropped by today!


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