Happy Mardi Gras!

imagesCAD9J9QTI made it!  As of 3:45 this afternoon, I am officially on Mardi Gras holidays until 7:45 Wednesday, February 13th, when I return to the classroom.  I, personally, do not attend the parades and balls that have been taking place in our fair city for the last 2 or 3 weeks, not that I have anything against them.  I prefer to spend the following few days relaxing at home with my family and books.  I truly hope that I will get a few thousand words written on the book I am working on right now.  My son will hang out with his best friend here or at his house.  I must make the final plans and do last-minute shopping for my son’s birthday, which is also Valentine’s Day.   Even so, I will have the luxury of moving at my own pace.  We are all tired and need to chill out for a few days to gather our wits in preparation for wrapping up the end of the school year.  It will be summer vacation before we know it, and there is MUCH still to cover.  The new math program ( Singapore Math) is busting my chops this year.  I know I am making the right decision to retire because my brain is strictly wired to learn/teach American Math!  I am actually figuring it out, and it does make sense, but it is a big deal to rethink the way you’ve done things for so many years.

Maybe that isn’t such a bad thing to do every now and then… rethink the way you do something.  There is usually more than one way  to skin the proverbial cat.  Sometimes..(.dare I say it?) a better way to skin that cat.  Doing this involves keeping an open mind, and having a willingness to see things from someone else’s perspective.  I believe being able to do this is something that separates the young from the old.  Youngsters are grabbing at everything, trying to soak up all they can in this world.  Hopefully, they’ll be able to separate the good from the bad, even if they must test the waters for themselves.  Older people with open attitudes often appear to be younger than the age shown on their birth certificate.  I hope I will be this type of person.  My son is going to be 12 years old this coming week.  It will be better for both of us if I keep an open mind for the next few years!

Even if you are not being given a day or two away from your work schedule for Mardi Gras, try to find some time for yourself if that is the best way for you to refresh and recharge.  Attend a parade or dress up for a ball if that will lend itself in renewing your mind, body, and spirit for the upcoming challenges you will face in the days ahead.  When I think of Mardi Gras, I think of enjoying oneself, in whatever form that takes at the time.  Be good to yourself, friends and family.  It pays, and surrounding yourself with positive people and thinking positive thoughts will build you up and make you a more effective person.

Take care!  Happy Mardi Gras!!!



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