Happy Mardi Gras 2014!


Today is Fat Tuesday! You know after today, Lent begins. Never practiced it before, as it is not part of my particular faith, but think I may this year. It’s about giving up something that would be a sacrifice. See, if I said no dark chocolate for Lent, that wouldn’t be acceptable because I don’t like it anyway. Saying no sweets would be more in line because I don’t let a day go by without something sweet. I would be putting myself to the test with this one. Actually, I could last longer being placed on “The Rack”, the medieval torture device of choice, than I probably can going without processed sugar. We shall see. This will also help me meet my goal of losing 10 pounds in the “Scale Back Alabama” challenge. I have to weigh in with my team on April 4th. Can’t let down my teammates. My husband, also a teammate, has apparently gotten confused. He asked if it wasn’t “Spring Forward” because he seems to be complying with that set of rules. I have a new piece of fitness equipment…a mini trampoline with a handlebar. I envision myself becoming one of those women going cowboy wild on the video that’s been on Facebook recently. It is fun and a real workout, but I can only last about as long as the Pitbull song, “Timber”. I will keep you posted. Maybe I will work harder making all of this public knowledge. I do recommend that song for a good dance workout!! Check it out below (hope it works). Have a great day!




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