Just Walked “Into the Storm”…


It is 1:05 a.m. and I just returned from the theater after watching the much anticipated movie, Into the Storm starring Ricard Armitage and Sarah Wayne Callies. My writing buddy, Joan Chandler, and I were checking out the times for tomorrow night (tonight) and stumbled upon the fact that it was playing tonight. It started at 10:30, and we were finding out about it at 10:00! We didn’t have to think long about it, even though we were both dressed for bed. Talk about quick change artists! We dressed in record time and made it to the theater in time for the previews. (BTW…you may have heard my husband say “WHAT????” when I walked upstairs and told him Joan and I were venturing out to go see a movie at 10:30 on a school night! He is a firm believer in getting plenty of rest. I have to face 18 third graders in a few hours for our 2nd day of school! Of course he was cool with it, just surprised, though nothing should surprise him anymore when it comes to the things Joan and I decide to do on a whim.)

I don’t want to say anything about the details of the movie, because I think you need to go in with a clean slate to experience it. I would croak if I inadvertedly gave something away. I’ll just tell you it grabbed me and I was along for the ride to the last moment. I held my breath, literally found myself biting my knuckle, and had my feet up on tiptoes all through the film. Mr. Armitage did a great job in his role as vice principal of a high school( none of the vice principals I know come close to looking as good in a typical khaki teacher suit!). As a teacher, and spouse of a high school teacher, I can tell you he nailed the “take cover” directions , right down to the tone of voice. I thought the acting was good for everyone. I was especially impressed with the performances of the younger members of the cast. They delivered their lines and gave very believable performances. I never thought once to say “Bless their hearts.” as we southerners are apt to do when people are trying, but not quite making it!

Well, it is now even later than it was when I started, so I guess I owe my students a clear mind when they arrive. I loved the movie and didn’t want to miss a moment. I hope you enjoy it as much as Joan and I did. Guess I might go check out khaki suits for my significant other. I’ve always discouraged that purchase in the past, but after seeing Richard Armitage wear one all through a major storm, it certainly proved to be quite durable, and maybe a worthy purchase. I wonder if I blast my husband with the hose it will have the same effect on me??? Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the movie. It was worth the long wait we Armitage fans have endured. Now, to mark off the days for the third installment of The Hobbit movies…..


3 thoughts on “Just Walked “Into the Storm”…

    • No, i decided to stick with it a while longer. Going to get 13 year old son out of middle school and probably high school, then bail!!! Seem to have a great class. Congrats on all the new books! So proud of you!

      • Glad you have a good group. That makes the year better for sure.

        Thanks for the congrats. I hope you’re still writing. Love ya

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