Coming Tuesday… A Calculated Risk


Caitlyn Miller’s limits are tested when an accident lands her father in critical care. As his protégé, she steps up to the plate to run his company but struggles to cover his soaring medical expenses. A solution arises in the form of a second job as bookkeeper at an exotic dance club. If she’s discovered frequenting such an establishment, her reputation in the corporate world could be ruined. But the extra paycheck’s worth the risk.
As interim president Caitlyn’s secretly thrilled to work closely with rogue salesman, Nick Sorenson. His disarming good looks make him nearly impossible to refuse. After he enlists Caitlyn’s help to land a lucrative account, he’s stunned when she vetoes it without explanation. He won’t take no for an answer, jeopardizing his career. But he’ll risk anything for a chance to work side by side with his sexy boss.
Will their gamble lead to true love?

She’s done it again! My dear friend and fellow writer, Joan Chandler, has written another romance novel entitled, A Calculated Risk. It is her best yet, and I am so excited for her! She has a new publisher this time around. Secret Cravings will release A Calculated Risk on Tuesday, September 16th, but it is available now to pre-order. You can also find it at Amazon. It is available in e-print only. Here is an excerpt from her steamy new novel…


Caitlyn’s hands were still a little shaky as she tried to unlock the door. Nick reached over to complete the task. He led her straight to a chair where he urged her to sit before he went to pour them a nightcap.
“Just point me to the liquor. I’ll handle the rest. What do you want?”
“Look in the cabinet over the sink. I don’t care. You can surprise me.”
He returned in a few minutes to stand by her side, offering her a pinkish beverage over ice.
“Vodka with grapefruit juice for the lady. Straight scotch for me.”
They each threw back their drinks. Caitlyn nearly drained the tumbler in the first swig.
“Another?” he asked as he took empty vessel from her hand.
He returned quickly. Nick crouched in front of her as she managed to take smaller sips of the second round. He took her free hand in both of his and massaged it. “I’m sorry I asked you to go tonight. I knew dealing with Haigler wouldn’t be the easiest thing to do, but I never imagined I’d be taking you to a place that held such personal memories for you as well. I wouldn’t have invited you if I’d known being there would remind you of better days before the accident. I know tonight was much harder on you than you let on.”
Once he said the words, she began to cry. Nick hated seeing her resolve crumble. He knew inside she must be an emotional wreck, so he tried to be sympathetic and gentle in his manner. Despite his efforts to comfort her, her sadness spilled out in the form of tears. Then, without warning, she threw her arms around his neck and clung to him as she sobbed.
At first he held her close, quietly waiting for the tears to subside. This marked a first for him, seeing the completely undone version of normally oh-so-in-control Caitlyn Miller. The effect was like a sucker punch to his gut as he mulled it all over in his head. Guilt overwhelmed him as he thought about how she’d told him Haigler was off limits. He’d disregarded her directive, pushing back hard until he got his way. Now he’d seen firsthand how unnerved she had become just by being in the same room with the guy. He remembered the look in the man’s eyes as he drank in the sight of Caitlyn, and it didn’t line up with that of a mere acquaintance or even a former lover. He had studied her with what Nick thought could only be described as obsessive hunger. Nick regretted ever going after the account now. He tightened his grip on her shoulders and stroked her hair as he let her indulge in a good cry. But after a few minutes, he picked her up and sat back down, settling her on his lap.
Caitlyn paused to catch her breath, then looked apologetically at him. “I’m sorry, Nick. I didn’t mean to fall apart on you. I wasn’t prepared to remember so much tonight.”
He swiped a thumb across her cheek to catch a tear. The tender motion must have sparked something inside her because, without warning she kissed him fully on the lips. He was surprised, but certainly didn’t object. She parted her lips, apparently hungry for more as she deepened the kiss. He’d spent too many hours of the last two years wondering what it would be like to watch her yield to him. Despite the fact he knew she wasn’t fully in control of her emotions, he didn’t want to let the opportunity to finally find out slip by him.
“I can help you forget,” he offered. There could be no mistaking what he meant. “But I don’t want you to regret anything tomorrow in the light of day.”
She stood and pulled at his hand. “Make me forget, Nick.”
They kissed their way down the hall toward a door he knew must lead to her bedroom. When they crossed the threshold, she kicked her shoes off and unfastened the side zipper of her dress. Nick looped his fingers under the solitary strap, then slid the material down her arm until the dress fell in a heap around her ankles. Without missing a beat, Caitlyn kicked the garment aside. She stood before him wearing a navy blue strapless bra and matching string bikini panties. He drank in the sight of her, letting his eyes roam over her body. Ripe breasts spilled over the top of her lingerie. Her ribcage narrowed to a tiny waist, and her hips flared provocatively before tapering to well-toned thighs. Her legs were surprisingly long in proportion to her torso. He became anxious to feel them wrapped around him.
He swiftly lifted her up into his arms and she instinctively enveloped him with those long limbs he’d been admiring, as if she had read his mind. He kissed her as he walked toward her bed until he felt it against his knees. He lowered her down onto the covers.

I have reserved my copy! Here are the links to pre-order yours:

Happy Reading!!!


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