KP Pics


Richard Armitage ranging from “Fine Man in a Suit” all the way to “Scruff-a-licious” RA.  (Oh, and a fine pair of sexy red heels thrown in for fun!)


10 thoughts on “KP Pics

    • Sweetheart, I am just getting started! Please don’t try to set up an intervention for me. I can still function in normal settings, and carry out my responsibilities as a wife, mother, daughter, and teacher (My 3rd Graders don’t question my wackiness – they embrace it!).

    • The “Archery Pic” is THE most stubblicious pic of Richard Armitage in my humble opinion as well! Guess that’s because it was a picture of him being him, rather than in character. It’s like the singer said, “THERE AIN”T NOTHIN’ LIKE THE REAL THING, BABY – NOTHIN’ LIKE THE REAL THING!”

    • Girl, I KNEW I would like you!! 🙂 I’ve been a fan of his for a few years now. The Hobbit is the icing on the cake for him. I have thought he is very much like Will in your book, Away from the Spotlight. I love this book. I am trying to think of the best way to write the review without giving anything away. I am working on it and will have it scheduled to post after midnight. Good luck with your book, and all future projects. You are good and should keep them coming!! 🙂

      Kate Patrick

      • I liked him in the British “Robin Hood” tv show. He was awesome (and sexy). I liked him better than the actor who played Robin. He could be Will if he were a little younger. Can you tell I like British men?

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