One Sizzling Summer

178981601One Sizzling Summer

Ava Preston came to London with one goal in mind – finish work for her doctorate degree.  Quinton Worthington was close to reaching his goal of working in America – something he knew would skyrocket his acting career.  Everything was going according to plan until the workaholics collided with one another while out for an early morning run. The attraction is instantly undeniable.

Careers take a backseat as they indulge in what began as a three-day weekend of passionate red-hot sex, driven only by insatiable lust with absolutely no strings attached.  Surprisingly, both privately feel a relationship might be possible, but neither dares divulge this fact in light of their focused career paths.  Thus, the lovers begin to distance themselves to lessen the odds of falling in love.

But, Ava has a secret and knows she must sever all ties with Quinton.  Can he convince her their passion could go far beyond…One Sizzling Summer?

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****Check out the site below to view  a book trailer featuring a “face off” between  One Sizzling Summer, and Joan Chandler’s book, Perfectly Imperfect.

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