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Coming Tuesday… A Calculated Risk


Caitlyn Miller’s limits are tested when an accident lands her father in critical care. As his protégé, she steps up to the plate to run his company but struggles to cover his soaring medical expenses. A solution arises in the form of a second job as bookkeeper at an exotic dance club. If she’s discovered frequenting such an establishment, her reputation in the corporate world could be ruined. But the extra paycheck’s worth the risk.
As interim president Caitlyn’s secretly thrilled to work closely with rogue salesman, Nick Sorenson. His disarming good looks make him nearly impossible to refuse. After he enlists Caitlyn’s help to land a lucrative account, he’s stunned when she vetoes it without explanation. He won’t take no for an answer, jeopardizing his career. But he’ll risk anything for a chance to work side by side with his sexy boss.
Will their gamble lead to true love?

She’s done it again! My dear friend and fellow writer, Joan Chandler, has written another romance novel entitled, A Calculated Risk. It is her best yet, and I am so excited for her! She has a new publisher this time around. Secret Cravings will release A Calculated Risk on Tuesday, September 16th, but it is available now to pre-order. You can also find it at Amazon. It is available in e-print only. Here is an excerpt from her steamy new novel…


Caitlyn’s hands were still a little shaky as she tried to unlock the door. Nick reached over to complete the task. He led her straight to a chair where he urged her to sit before he went to pour them a nightcap.
“Just point me to the liquor. I’ll handle the rest. What do you want?”
“Look in the cabinet over the sink. I don’t care. You can surprise me.”
He returned in a few minutes to stand by her side, offering her a pinkish beverage over ice.
“Vodka with grapefruit juice for the lady. Straight scotch for me.”
They each threw back their drinks. Caitlyn nearly drained the tumbler in the first swig.
“Another?” he asked as he took empty vessel from her hand.
He returned quickly. Nick crouched in front of her as she managed to take smaller sips of the second round. He took her free hand in both of his and massaged it. “I’m sorry I asked you to go tonight. I knew dealing with Haigler wouldn’t be the easiest thing to do, but I never imagined I’d be taking you to a place that held such personal memories for you as well. I wouldn’t have invited you if I’d known being there would remind you of better days before the accident. I know tonight was much harder on you than you let on.”
Once he said the words, she began to cry. Nick hated seeing her resolve crumble. He knew inside she must be an emotional wreck, so he tried to be sympathetic and gentle in his manner. Despite his efforts to comfort her, her sadness spilled out in the form of tears. Then, without warning, she threw her arms around his neck and clung to him as she sobbed.
At first he held her close, quietly waiting for the tears to subside. This marked a first for him, seeing the completely undone version of normally oh-so-in-control Caitlyn Miller. The effect was like a sucker punch to his gut as he mulled it all over in his head. Guilt overwhelmed him as he thought about how she’d told him Haigler was off limits. He’d disregarded her directive, pushing back hard until he got his way. Now he’d seen firsthand how unnerved she had become just by being in the same room with the guy. He remembered the look in the man’s eyes as he drank in the sight of Caitlyn, and it didn’t line up with that of a mere acquaintance or even a former lover. He had studied her with what Nick thought could only be described as obsessive hunger. Nick regretted ever going after the account now. He tightened his grip on her shoulders and stroked her hair as he let her indulge in a good cry. But after a few minutes, he picked her up and sat back down, settling her on his lap.
Caitlyn paused to catch her breath, then looked apologetically at him. “I’m sorry, Nick. I didn’t mean to fall apart on you. I wasn’t prepared to remember so much tonight.”
He swiped a thumb across her cheek to catch a tear. The tender motion must have sparked something inside her because, without warning she kissed him fully on the lips. He was surprised, but certainly didn’t object. She parted her lips, apparently hungry for more as she deepened the kiss. He’d spent too many hours of the last two years wondering what it would be like to watch her yield to him. Despite the fact he knew she wasn’t fully in control of her emotions, he didn’t want to let the opportunity to finally find out slip by him.
“I can help you forget,” he offered. There could be no mistaking what he meant. “But I don’t want you to regret anything tomorrow in the light of day.”
She stood and pulled at his hand. “Make me forget, Nick.”
They kissed their way down the hall toward a door he knew must lead to her bedroom. When they crossed the threshold, she kicked her shoes off and unfastened the side zipper of her dress. Nick looped his fingers under the solitary strap, then slid the material down her arm until the dress fell in a heap around her ankles. Without missing a beat, Caitlyn kicked the garment aside. She stood before him wearing a navy blue strapless bra and matching string bikini panties. He drank in the sight of her, letting his eyes roam over her body. Ripe breasts spilled over the top of her lingerie. Her ribcage narrowed to a tiny waist, and her hips flared provocatively before tapering to well-toned thighs. Her legs were surprisingly long in proportion to her torso. He became anxious to feel them wrapped around him.
He swiftly lifted her up into his arms and she instinctively enveloped him with those long limbs he’d been admiring, as if she had read his mind. He kissed her as he walked toward her bed until he felt it against his knees. He lowered her down onto the covers.

I have reserved my copy! Here are the links to pre-order yours:



Happy Reading!!!


Thankful Thoughts…


It’s been a long time since I last made an entry on this site…too long.  Joan Chandler had herself almost four months of publicity for her latest book, Bama Bride, as it was my last entry before I went off the grid.  No, I didn’t spend the last four months at a weight loss boot camp, though I certainly would have benefitted from such an adventure.  I finally changed the background on my computer this morning.  It had the quote, “A year from now, you’ll wish you had started today.”   Well, yes, I will, but I just keep pushing back “today”, so I changed it to another inspiring background, a picture of Richard Armitage from the Esquire UK photo shoot. Now that, my friends, is truly inspirational, yet I don’t think weight loss is what it inspires in me.

This year has been one of the most difficult of my life.  It rivals twenty years ago when I was at death’s door with pancreatitus.  It rivals those months after giving birth to my incredible son when I fought post partum depression (having a baby at 40 when you are a person with very rigid routines can be overwhelming).  Yet, in spite of it all, I recognize I have MUCH to be thankful for today.  Here are a few of those things, not necessarily in any order of importance (sorry, but the list is more for me than you):

  • My husband is madly in love with me, and thinks I am “so beautiful” (now I will NEVER add my picture to this site!)
  • My son is healthy, smart, kind-hearted, and has a sense of humor that he thinks will have him being “the last comic standing”
  • My father is beating the odds and mystifying his doctors by still being alive when given only months to live after being diagnosed with mesotheilioma over a year ago.  He is not bed-ridden, uses oxygen only as needed, and walks around the yard picking satsumas and lemons off trees he planted years ago.  He will be at our Thanksgiving dinner this evening and not “on the hill by the pond” at a local cemetery.  (This does kind of rank at the top of the list this year!)
  • I have a family that loves each other ( even if we don’t always agree with each other’s choices/opinions )
  • I have close friends I can be my true self with – one that I work with, and one that was my college roommate.  They’ve seen me through the good, bad, and the ugly and have made me laugh through it all, and I mean laugh until you cry kind of laughing!
  • I have found joy in writing, and best of all, there are people that seem to enjoy reading what I write.  That humbles me like nothing else.

This year has been difficult for multiple reasons, but the most challenging of the difficulties has been centered around family issues (Thankfully, not concerning my husband and child.).  It has been over a year since I have been able to write anything.  Writing had become my outlet when needing an escape, but during this time, the words wouldn’t come.  During the last month, a seed of an idea has been planted in my brain, and it hasn’t withered yet.  I am going to move forward with this idea, and hopefully it will grow and flourish, becoming a new story that can provide an escape for those that have honored me with their interest in my work.  Maybe today will be that “today” that I start a new book, and another year won’t go by without something to show for my love of writing.

I hope that each of you find a moment to think of the things you are thankful for today.  When I was a child, I belonged to a girls’ group at my church, and the scripture verse we quoted weekly was Philippians 4:8 (KJV).  It spoke of thinking on things that are true, just, good, honest, lovely, and of good report.  I believe I am going to begin dwelling on such things, even in the face of adversity.  I’ve felt that during the last four months I have “dropped my basket” (YA-YA Sisterhood term).  I felt tired of fighting things I really had no control over, and let a sense of hopelessness settle over me until I had unknowingly wrapped it snugly around me like a hooded cloak.  I have hidden inside that cloak of hopelessness for far too long.  I’ve let myself go for far too long.  I haven’t taken care of myself like I should, and it will be my husband and child that suffer if I don’t turn my ship around now.  I’ve tried to always be positive and encourage others to be positive.  Now, I guess it is time to pick up my basket and start filling it with those things that are “good, pure, honest, lovely, and of good report” because they do exist, I just haven’t looked very hard for them lately.  I’ve been living  Scarlett O’Hara‘s philosophy of “Tomorrow is another day.”  It’s time to start living and doing things that count TODAY.  I can never get these hours back.  I’ve wasted too many precious days already.  I’m glad we had this time together.  You have helped me more than you know.  I hadn’t planned on any of this chatter, but I seem to have convinced myself to move beyond hopelessness and see all the many bright paths that are open for me to follow.   I will just have do what the song says from the Christmas children’s TV special Santa Claus is Coming to Town, and that is “Just put one foot in front of the other, and soon you’ll be walking out the door!”    HAPPY  THANKSGIVING  EVERYONE!!

Ladies, here’s a little something “lovely” to think about…

untitled.png2You know I had to do it! 🙂

BAMA BRIDE……by Joan Chandler

bama bride cover

This is an exciting day for me! I am hosting a Goddess Fish Super Book Blast Tour for Bama Bride by Joan ChandlerIt is a special day because Joan and I are not only best of friends, but writing buddies as well.  We’ve been on this writing journey together since the first book we each published about two years ago.  Who doesn’t love a story about a bride?   Joan’s new book, Bama Bride, is set in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, home of the University of Alabama and the CRIMSON TIDE (Roll Tide Roll).  Yes, more than championship football goes on there, and Joan tells this romantic tale beautifully as always.  She scores a touchdown with this one for sure!  Commenters have a chance at scoring a $25 Amazon Gift Card, so leave a comment for Joan and get in the game!  This is a story you will love no matter which team you root for on Saturdays!  Here is a short blurb from Bama Bride:


Neal Sinclair meets David Bankston in a college town bar. He’s tall, dark, and handsome, and wears a Stetson like nobody’s business.

When they dance, inner passion heats up while inhibitions melt away. Neal quickly discovers David’s not a Southerner at all. He’s a Boston architect, in Tuscaloosa for only one night. The next morning, they struggle to walk away from something that caught them both by surprise.

Time doesn’t diminish the ache they feel in each other’s absence. Unable to stay apart, David arranges to take Neal to watch her beloved Crimson Tide play in a football bowl game. Reunited, they’re determined to make it work. When separated, they perfect the art of open communication. They each know that true love is a long shot.

But distance isn’t the only thing standing in their way. Unbeknownst to her, Neal’s overprotective father is, too. With so much conspiring against them, can a natural disaster turn the odds in their favor?

Here is a sneak peek at what you’ll find in Bama Bride:

“Hey, cowboy. How about a dance?” As soon as the words were out of her mouth, she cringed. Wow, even to my own ears that sounded way too cheesy.

She looked him over as he stood with the sole of one boot propped against the wall, and a Stetson perched atop his head. He had sinfully good looks, and his olive complexion and wavy black hair gave him a swarthy, pirate-like appeal.

“Evening.” He nodded, but his gaze remained focused on the room, never lingering in one place too long. Clearly, she had been dismissed.

So much for my skill at playing the vamp. This is shaping up to be an epic fail.

With each swig he took from that long-necked beer bottle, however, she found herself wanting nothing more than to offer to lick off the moisture that clung to his mouth after every swallow. She decided not to give up so easily.

“You’re about empty. How about a second round? My treat?”

He locked eyes with her then, and humor glinted in his. The gorgeous stranger rewarded her with a dazzling smile even as he shook his head in polite refusal.

“Thank you, but no.”

His fingers were long, and his hand was broad. He exuded sex appeal. But she wasn’t used to these games of pursuit. It was usually the other way around, and she was fending off the unwanted advances.

Jeez, I must look utterly pathetic to him just standing here with doe eyes. I don’t know what possessed me to think I could ever stand a chance with someone like him.

She started to back away when suddenly the band began to play the first strains of “Sweet Home Alabama.” She took it as a sign that this might be her lucky night after all. She quickly downed the rest of her sour apple martini to bolster her courage and then deposited the empty glass on a nearby table.

“Are you just passing through?” She spoke loudly to be heard above the cacophony of their surroundings.

“I only came in for a beer—nothing else. I leave town in the morning.”

“I get it. No entanglements, right? But it’s just one dance. And judging by your accent, you aren’t from around here. So I’m willing to overlook the fact that you don’t know it’s an unwritten law that when that particular song comes on, it’s lady’s choice. She can ask any man to dance, and he can’t say no.”

“Can’t, huh? Is that a fact?” A playful grin toyed at the corners of his mouth.

“It is when you’re in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. That song’s a sacred anthem around here. So, cowboy, I’m asking you once again. You wanna dance?” She put one hand on her hip and extended the other toward him, waiting. Hoping he would acquiesce.

His hesitation surprised her. Instead of accepting immediately, he purposefully raked his eyes over her from head to toe.

“Go ahead. I’ve got all night.” She teased him at the flagrant assessment of her assets. She welcomed the appraisal. She knew she looked good tonight.

Finally he budged, putting both feet on the ground and taking a step closer. “All right then. You lead the way.” He smirked, as if amused by the whole incident.

She smiled and turned toward the wooden floor near the stage, their fingers joined behind her as they walked. When they were front and center, she put her hands on his shoulders while his immediately came to rest on her hips. Although it wasn’t a particularly slow song, he pulled her close until their bodies touched, and they began to move in time to the music.

He was tall and towered over her, despite her high heels, so he bent slightly and introduced himself. “I’m David. What’s your name?”

The feel of his warm breath against her face made the air around her crackle. She inhaled the scent of him. It was equal parts of shampoo, spice, and suds, and it was more intoxicating to her than the vodka had been. She breathed deeply then looked up into his brown eyes.


He raised an eyebrow in apparent surprise at the revelation. “That’s an unusual name for a girl. My best friend in high school was named Neil.”

“Cowboy, it may sound like a boy’s name, but I can assure you I am one-hundred-percent genuine woman.

He let his hands wander over the luscious curve of her bottom. Pressing his lips against her ear, he dared her. “Prove it.”

Honey, she makes a believer out of him, but you’ll have to get the book to find out how! 🙂  You can purchase Bama Bride at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  It is available as an e-book and in paperback. 

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Joan Chandler is a Florida native who has lived in the Deep South all of her life. She is married with two children who are her pride and joy. She lives a double life of sorts, holding down a nine-to-five job during the day, and writing steamy romance at night—often with her black cat curled up in her arms as she types.

When she’s not spending her spare time working on her next novel, she loves to go camping, sharing girls’ night out with her friends, walking her two dogs, and watching college football.

BUY Links:

AMAZON:   http://www.amazon.com/Bride-BookStrand-Publishing-Romance-ebook/dp/B00CT35YFW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1369583017&sr=8-1&keywords=bama+bride

BOOKSTRAND PUBLISHING:    http://www.bookstrand.com/bama-bride

BLOG:  http://www.joanchandler.wordpress.com

twitter account:   @joanchandler1

Find me on facebook:  Joan Chandler

email:  joanchandler13@gmail.com


New Year’s Party at TRS…Join Me!!


The Romance Studio (TRS) is hosting a New Year’s Party at http://trsparties.com  from January 2-6.   Many authors will be there to share news about their books and plans for the new year.   I will be there posting about my books, New Year’s resolutions, and some fresh ideas for 2013.  Make plans to drop by and discover some new authors, and maybe some of your favorites.  Lots of giveaways are part of this party just for commenting on some of the posts.  Winners are selected randomly, so you may be one of them!  Hope to hear from you there!  Happy New Year to all!!

The Christmas Dare…Release Day Super Book Blast!


Today, I am partnering with Goddess Fish Promotions to bring you Joan Chandler‘s new release, The Christmas Dare, available at BookStrand Publishing beginning TODAY!   I am especially thrilled about hosting this event because Joan is a dear friend of mine.  I’ve had a sneak peek at this story, and you are going to love it!  I am going to share a bit with you about Joan and her new book, The Christmas Dare.  After reading more about it, be sure to leave a comment, as Joan will be randomly selecting a commenter to receive a $25 Gift Card to Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  Follow her tour and leave comments at each stop to increase your chances of winning.

Now, let me introduce you to Joan Chandler and her new release, The Christmas Dare:


The Christmas Dare

by Joan Chandler





Self-professed Christmas addict Gia Dixon, and by-the-book Ethan Castle have been best friends all their lives. When tragedy strikes Ethan’s family, Gia’s the rock he depends on to pull him through the darkest days. Then, a shared, long-forgotten memory leads to an unexpected yet tender kiss.  Can a simple Christmas dare help them find true love?





Funny how times had changed, Gia thought to herself. How was it possible to have gone all these years and not have thought of him romantically? Yet now all she wanted to do was steal a minute alone to kiss him again. Or more.


She saw headlights coming down the road and opened the door, preparing to walk out to meet him.


“No, ma’am,” she heard Ethan call out. He was already getting out of his Jeep and motioned for her to turn around and go back inside.


She was unsure what to make of it, but did as he asked. Then she heard the doorbell ring.  Slowly she opened the door, and saw his smiling face. She backed up a step to allow him to walk inside.


“We may be taking things slow, but I’m still going to do it the right way. When I ask you out on a date, I’ll park and come to your door. If this were seven years ago and you were living at home, your dad would have kicked my ass if he ever caught me letting you just walk out to the curb to get in my car.”


Gia could easily recall the many times her father had complained about that when other boys had done it to her.


“How right you are. My mistake.” She laughed. “From now on I’ll expect to be courted properly according to the Henry Dixon Dating Manual.”


“Besides, stealing a quick moment alone behind closed doors gives me the opportunity to do this.” He pulled her into his embrace to softly kiss her.


When their lips parted, she commented, “I don’t think Daddy had that in mind when he made up that particular rule. But you score extra points for showing initiative.”



AUTHOR Bio and Links:


Joan Chandler is a Florida native who has lived in the Deep South all of her life. She is married with two children who are her pride and joy. She lives a double life of sorts, holding down a nine-to-five job during the day, and writing steamy romance at night—often with her black cat curled up in her arms as she types.


When she’s not spending her spare time working on her next novel, she loves to go camping, sharing girls’ night out with her friends, walking her two dogs, and watching football.


BLOG:  www.joanchandler.wordpress.com


Twitter account:   @joanchandler1


Find me on Facebook:  Joan Chandler


Previously published works are Perfectly Imperfect, and No Regrets.  Both are available at:


Bookstrand.com:  http://www.bookstrand.com/joan-chandler


Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=joan+chandler


Barnes & Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/joan-chandler?keyword=joan+chandler&store=allproducts



Coming…The Christmas Dare Release Day Tour


You MUST mark your calendars for this Wednesday, December 19th as Joan Chandler‘s Release Day for The Christmas Dare.  To celebrate this day, I, in partnership with Goddess Fish,  am hosting a stop on her Super Book Blast Tour that day.  Joan will be awarding a $25 Gift Card to Amazon or Barnes and Noble to a randomly selected commenter.  Be sure to drop by and comment to have a chance to win this generous award!  See you there!

The Christmas Dare Available for Pre-Order!!


Joan Chandler‘s new Christmas read, The Christmas Dare,  is now available for pre-order at BookStrand Publishing.  I was checking out the “Coming Soon” lists, and there it was, just waiting for me to click and purchase!  It will be available to download on December 19th.  Go ahead and get your copy today and you’ll be set to read by the Christmas tree while sipping your favorite hot beverage.  I’ll be sipping a cup of Lemon Lift hot tea while I read about Gia and Ethan.  Here is a link to purchase yours right now:


Here is an exclusive excerpt not found anywhere else from The Christmas Dare ( I dare you not to want to read more! 🙂 ):

That night, Gia’s dreams took her to a place she’d never been before…Ethan’s bed. When they’d been kids, they were inseparable as best friends. Like brother and sister. When she was a teenager, she found herself attracted to him in an entirely different way. But it felt wrong to her. Sinfully wrong. So she distanced herself from him to avoid those newfound feelings. Then she’d met David Bender. And all those hormones refocused on her new boyfriend. Things went back to a friendly camaraderie with Ethan. They had stayed that way, too. Until tonight.

Tonight, Gia entered a fantasy world that picked up where Ethan’s kiss left off. In her dream, when she hadn’t backed away he’d crushed his mouth against hers, which opened willingly under the onslaught. His tongue, tasting of Corona and lime, slipped between her teeth to stroke her own, and she eagerly met him halfway. Gia felt him loosen his grip around her waist, and she anticipated the separation when he would push her away. Instead, she felt his hands slide down her back and over her hips until they cupped the underside of her bottom, which he pressed against his groin.

“Mmm,” she moaned, and he intensified the kiss at the sound of her response.

She couldn’t help herself. In spite of the warning bells that were clanging inside her head, signaling a point of no return if they went any further, she let her hand skim against his abdomen and past the waistband of his blue jeans. Soon she palmed the firm bulge that strained against its confines, and she rubbed her hand up and down it.

“Gia, stop unless you want to take this to a level we’ve never been to before,”he warned with a whisper against her lips.

“Take me there, Ethan,” she murmured and then caught her breath as he suddenly hitched her up into his arms. She wrapped her legs around his hips, clinging to him in a ravenous tangle.